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Bowhunting Elk Dream Comes True


Editor’s Note: Wendy LaCrosse Drake from Libby, Montana, has been elk hunting for 6 years and has been a member of the Mossy Ok Pro Staff for about 5 years. Her favorite pattern is Mossy Oak Treestand, because she believes it best fits the terrain where she hunts - primarily northwest Montana.

drake-day2-2I started shooting the PSE X-Force before I ever started hunting. When PSE introduced the Stiletto, I liked it, because it was similar to the X-Force, but it was more of a lady’s bow and that bow just fit me! I shoot tournament archery as well as bowhunt, and I compete in the Women’s Open Class. I got into tournament archery after my husband, Eric, bought me a bow for my birthday, and he taught me how to shoot it. Eric’s father had worked at the archery pro shop, xXx Archery (, and Eric and I enjoyed shooting our bows in the summertime. My friend, Emily Vega, shoots in the Professional Archery Division. She encouraged me to start shooting tournament archery, and we went to a lot of tournaments together. This past year is the first year I haven’t shot much tournament archery, because I'm expecting a child. But in the past, we've done the Redding shoot in California, and we've shot the Triple Crown tournaments that have been put on close to home.

drake-day2-3I took my first elk 2-years ago hunting from a tree stand. I went to this tree stand, because it was the closest stand to our deer camp. I knew I would have to hike in by myself, so I didn’t want to get too far from camp. Although the stand was 3 - 4 four miles from camp, I only had to hike in about 1/2-mile by myself. I always carry a Garmin GPS ( with me, so if I'm by myself, regardless of where I am, or where I’m going, I can navigate.

My tree stand was set-up over an open meadow. Two days before the hunt, we had a rain in that area. So, when we scouted the edge of the meadow, we saw fresh elk tracks going into and out of the meadow. We decided this would be a good place for me to take a stand. I had two cow elk come within 25 or 30 yards of my stand early that morning. But when I saw them, they were looking at me, so I couldn’t get a shot. I then returned to camp.

drake-day2-4Late in the evening, I went back to my stand. I only had been in my stand 20 minutes, and I heard movement behind me on the same trail I just had walked. My first thought was that a mountain lion was trailing me to my tree stand, because the sound I heard was muffled, possibly like a lion walking. But in only a few minutes after I heard the sound, I spotted two cow elk. One of the cows walked right under my stand. All I could see was her feet. I thought the cow would see me for sure. I was so excited I could hardly breathe, and adrenaline was really pumping through my veins. Finally, the cow walked out to about 25 yards straight away from me. When she turned to look back, I was already at full draw, and I released the arrow.

Once the arrow struck the cow, she ran to the end of the meadow, and I saw her fall. I had about an hour’s worth of daylight left. So, I waited until dark before I went to get the cow. There were other hunters in my area, and I didn’t want to get down and possibly spook elk that they might be able to take. Finally, Eric came to my stand after dark. He couldn’t believe that I had really taken an elk. He wasn’t hunting far from me, and he said, “I thought I heard an elk crash.” He still didn’t quite believe me until we found the elk. Then, Eric got really excited. Fred Sachting, who was a butcher, was on the hunt with us. Fred helped us skin the elk and get the meat out. Like Eric, I could hardly believe that I finally had taken an elk with my bow. For me, this hunt was a dream come true!

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