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Ashley Jay's Ascent into Outdoors Television

Ashley Jay - From Tournament Archer to Television Host for Knight and Hale’s “Ultimate Hunting” TV 


Editor’s Note: Ashley Jay will be the co-host of Knight and Hale’s “Ultimate Hunting” TV show, which will air this fall on the Outdoor Channel. Where did Jay come from, and how did a young lady who didn’t grow up in a hunting family find her way into the outdoor television business? Since more and more women are coming into the outdoor industry, we wanted to learn how Ashley Jay made it.

Last year I was actually able to hunt with Harold Knight and David Hale, but my main responsibility this year will be to introduce the show and narrate different segments of the show. This fall, our show will be focusing more on Harold Knight and David Hale and their history in the outdoor industry. 

Jay1_llI have a job in the outdoor industry that I feel very fortunate to have received. I began my career in the outdoors by shooting archery tournaments. Then I went on hunts and would have someone film the hunts. People began to watch my hunts. John Skrabo was one of the people who saw my videos, and he invited me over to Commonwealth Productions, which produces “Hunting High Places,” “Ultimate Hunting” and “The Hit List.” I was invited to become a part of Commonwealth Productions. 

Before that, I was shooting archery tournaments. When I went to my first archery tournament, I was shooting a Mathews Ignition bow. I shot from the 20-yard stake and shot 20 points over a perfect score. I didn’t really enter the tournament. I was just there to practice and to learn how archery tournaments were conducted. Later I learned that if I had entered the tournament, I would’ve won it. 

I spend a lot of time practicing with my bow, so I can shoot accurately and effectively. Right now, I’m shooting in the Female Hunter’s Class in tournament archery. Last spring I won first place at the Saluda River Archery Tournament, a National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) tournament - the first ever NWTF archery tournament South Carolina ever had had. The tournament was hosted by Russell Cooper, who owns Saluda River Archery. In my first Archery Shooters Association (ASA) tournament, I finished in 12th place. I want to shoot more ASA tournaments, because some of the best bowhunters and target archers in the world shoot in these tournaments, and a lot of opportunity is there to learn more about how to shoot my bow better. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to win five archery tournaments, since I’ve been competing. I really believe the tournaments, the competition and the knowledge I've gained have helped me become a better bowhunter and a much-more accurate archer.  

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