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Protect your ears in the woods with new Mossy Oak Break-Up Low Profile E-max

emax_llThe new Mossy Oak Break-Up Low Profile E-max hearing protection combines a low profile earcup that's ideal for hunters, shotgun shooters and action shooters with a great camo pattern that will blend in with any outdoor environment.

The two microphones in the E-Max amplify sounds below 85 decibels, which includes normal communication, range commands and environmental noise. With one microphone in each ear, its gives the user a true stereo sound and allows the user to identify the directional source of a sound. Any noise above 85 decibels, the microphones instantly shut off to protect the shooters hearing.

  • Padded Adjustable Headband
  • Cushioned Foam Earcups
  • Volume Control
  • Audio input jack plays your MP3 music
  • Folds Compact
  • Speakers shut down at noise levels above 85db.
  • 23 NRR (Noise reduction rating)

For more information about Caldwell Shooting Supplies and other Battenfeld Technologies products, visit or call 573-445-9200.

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