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Mossy Oak Partners with Argo Vehicles


Argo, of New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada, the manufacturer of extreme terrain amphibious vehicles, is very proud to be presenting its vehicle line up in the Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity pattern.  

Used all over the world by commercial companies and sportsmen alike, Argo vehicles are built to go practically anywhere you need to go and get you back again. 

"The addition of this camo pattern has allowed us to offer our customers a product that is universally recognized in the outdoor world," said John Window, Senior Project Manager for Argo.  

Go online to to see what Argo can do for you.

Mossy Oak Is About the Land and Improving It and Its Wildlife
Many people have asked me, “Toxey, why is a camouflage company involved in real estate, seeds and trees?” My answer is, “We are not a camouflage company. Mossy Oak is an outdoor brand.” If we represent a person’s lifestyle, they identify with our brand. We consider those individuals a part of the Mossy Oak family. Mossy Oak is more about how you feel about the outdoors and the outdoor lifestyle than it is about a

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