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Mossy Oak Is About the Land and Improving It and Its Wildlife


Editor’s Note: Mossy Oak Camouflage was the brain child of Toxey Haas of West Point, Mississippi. To get an overview of what Mossy Oak is, what Mossy Oak is doing, and where Mossy Oak is going, we’ve interviewed Toxey.

Question: Toxey, what is in the future for Mossy Oak?

Haas: I can’t really tell you where Mossy Oak is going in the future. We have had a tremendous growth spurt over the last 3 years, because we are constantly listening to our consumers and trying to brand and develop the products that the consumers tell us they want. We have an abundance of new camo products that will be introduced by several different companies coming to the market next year. There has been a new emphasis on what we call our conservation brands like Mossy Oak BioLogic and Nativ ToxeyQA3_llNurseries. We are seeing more consumers working to improve the habitat and increase the food for wildlife on the lands they own lease and/or hunt. We’re providing some of the best wildlife plantings that are being developed for food plots. We are studying and developing the best fruit trees, nut trees and shrubs for wildlife. Because there’s a growing demand for people who want to own and develop their own hunting properties, ranchettes and small farms, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the Mossy Oak Properties division. We have just announced a big expansion of Mossy Oak Properties in Colorado. We now have more than 100 offices in 28 states. Mossy Oak Properties may be one of the fastest growing companies of Mossy Oak. 

Many people have asked me, “Toxey, why is a camouflage company involved in real estate, seeds and trees?” My answer is, “We are not a camouflage company. Mossy Oak is an outdoor brand.” If we represent a person’s lifestyle, they identify with our brand. We consider those individuals a part of the Mossy Oak family. Mossy Oak is more about how you feel about the outdoors and the outdoor lifestyle than it is about a single product. We believe that Mossy Oak and the Mossy Oak lifestyle are deep-rooted in the hearts of the individuals we serve. Everything we do at Mossy Oak is about the land. Without the land, you don’t have any critters, and without critters, we don’t have many of the outdoor sports that we all enjoy. So, we at Mossy Oak have invested many of our resources to assist people in having the best lives possible in the outdoors. We want to help them find places of their own where they can pursue whatever outdoor activity they enjoy the most. We want to support them with knowledge and products to help them have the outdoor experiences about which they’ve always dreamed. 

Day 2: Mossy Oak Wants to Be the Evangelist of the Outdoors and the Outdoor Lifestyle

Tomorrow: Mossy Oak - A Team of People Who Have United Together for a Common Goal with Toxey Haas

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