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Mossy Oak and Huk Partner for New Fishing Pattern: Stormwater


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Mossy Oak Fishing and Huk have partnered to bring to life a pattern that represents what every fisherman respects: stormy waters.

Stormwater was designed with the help of captains and anglers off the coast of Mississippi and Louisiana to replicate the swell of a charged ocean with big waves and swirling gray skies.The pattern pays tribute to the power of Mother Nature; it also represents the sort of hard-working "get it done" attitude that is found in those who make their living on the water.

The saltwater pattern is applicable on all coasts, and it will be featured on fishing apparel, equipment, and accessories. The pattern has sharp, contrasting colors and smart details that a trained fisherman's eye will pick up and appreciate.

The combination of the visually striking pattern paired with Huk's quality performance apparel make for an impressive collection of clothing and fishing gear. 

About Mossy Oak Fishing:

Mossy Oak values an always-outdoors lifestyle. If we’re not outside hunting or managing land, we're probably outside casting to crappie and largemouth, smallies, rainbow trout, or even yellowfin tuna off the coast of Louisiana-to us, an off season doesn't exist.

It's no secret that we've always taken inspiration for our patterns from nature—brown shades of tree bark for Original Bottomland, marsh blades for Shadowgrass, the thick timber of the forest for Country DNA—there's a story for every one of our patterns.

Naturally, the same goes for our fishing patterns. Whether it's the still water of a pond teeming with panfish or the deep blue of the ocean 90 miles offshore, every pattern draws inspiration from the water around us.

About Huk:

We're dedicated to making life on the water more enjoyable from the first cast to the last. We are your destination for best-in-class performance fishing gear. Huk connects all anglers, whether you’re a professional or just love to fish recreationally -- we have the perfect apparel, footwear and accessories for your needs. Our wide selection of fishing gear includes Men's, Women's and Kids collections of fishing shorts, shoes, sun protection shirts, swim, waterproof jackets, boots, and more.


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