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Mossy Oak Fishing Invests in Conservation by Partnering with CCA

CCA and Mossy Oak Fishing

Mossy Oak Fishing is proud to announce a recent investment into coastal conservation by becoming a sponsor of the Coastal Conservation Association’s national website.

Two organizations, both inspired to leave a lasting legacy of conservation, will now work together to support aquatic wildlife and their habitat. CCA is committed to ensuring the health and conservation of marine resources and anglers' access to them.  Combining the CCA mission with Mossy Oak’s mission to help people live their best life outdoors is the epitome of an effective partnership that will benefit the wildlife and the anglers.

“Through our journey as a company and my journey as an outdoorsman, we have always made the health of wildlife and their habitat the highest priorities in the lifestyle we live at Mossy Oak,” said Toxey Haas, founder and CEO of Mossy Oak. “We spend far more time and effort giving back to creation than we do taking from it. That’s what conservation is all about and that’s what the CCA is all about.”

As part of the partnership, Mossy Oak Fishing is also contributing to the Building Conservation Trust to provide vital funding to local, state and national fisheries, habitat conservation and restoration projects that achieve one or more of five key objectives: Restore degraded habitats; Create new habitats; Advance the science of coastal habitat and marine fisheries conservation; Foster habitat stewardship; and Educate coastal communities of the value of conservation.

“America’s anglers have a long history of giving back to the resources that we all cherish and we are so fortunate to have corporate partners like Mossy Oak who not only believe in that commitment, they work to support and enhance it,” said Patrick Murray, president of CCA National. “This partnership combines the best of private industry, public stewardship and our sporting tradition to enhance our coasts and we have no doubt it will help take the Building Conservation Trust to new heights.”

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