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2017 Fishing Report Reveals Participation Increase

Recreational Fishing Leads to Greater Participation in the Outdoors


In a new (2017) report by The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, fishing has increased by 1.5 million over the previous year. That takes the fishing participation number to 47.2 million.

Mossy Oak recently announced its participation in the fishing industry with its new Elements pattern along with partnerships with B.A.S.S., Kevin VanDam and Huk Performance Fishing. These partnerships serve as a means for greater participation in the outdoors through fishing and emphasizes the enjoyment of outdoor activities with loved ones. 

"The folks at Mossy Oak are much more than a group of people making the best camo patterns," said VanDam, Mossy Oak Fishing Team Leader. "We share the same passion and values of conserving and enhancing our woods and waters and the fish and game that live there. We both understand the importance of family and the tradition of sharing the outdoors experience with others."

According to Ivan Levin, deputy director of the Outdoor Foundation:

"Research shows that fishing is an essential piece of America's outdoor tradition, and it often leads children to pursue outdoor activities and healthy living into adulthood. This report aims to help the fishing industry, and the entire outdoor industry, understand fishing participation in order to engage even more people in recreational fishing and create the next generation of lifelong anglers and outdoor enthusiasts."

The Special Report on Fishing is the product of a partnership between RBFF and the Outdoor Foundation and looks into participation trends, barriers to entry, motivating factors and preferences of key groups of anglers.

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