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Rogers-Whitley Mossy Oak Belts and Accessories Collection Now Available

Mossy Oak belts

Rogers-Whitley, who has been proudly making and distributing quality small leather goods and buckles for over 30 years, is now offering a collection of belts and accessories as a collaboration with Mossy Oak.

“With this new product line, I really wanted to create something that was a little unexpected and different than everything that is currently out in the market,” said Kristen Schulle, Art Director & Lead Designer for Rogers-Whitley. “You will find some more modern pieces that have blaze orange accents and also some surprise elements like leather wallets with camouflage pattern interiors. Hunting is a classic American past time, but that doesn’t mean your camouflage gear has to be stuck in the past. I present to you the modern camouflage product, available exclusively in Mossy Oak.”

The new assortment will offer a wide variety of styles, appealing to a large audience.  Retail prices will range from $25-$40.

“We are excited to bring years of experience of accessory manufacturing to the Mossy Oak brand. Using some new techniques with screen printing and also high-quality craftsmanship out of our USA factory, we are excited to bring top-notch Mossy Oak products to the market,” said Guy Rogers, National Sales Manager. 

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