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Mossy Oak Designated as the Official Camo of Heartland Waterfowl

Ronnie Philips Heartland WaterfowlMossy Oak, the Official Camo of Conservation, is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Heartland Waterfowl, making Mossy Oak the Official Camo of the award-winning company and show.

Mossy Oak and Heartland Waterfowl have teamed up in a partnership that will now have the entire Heartland Waterfowl team in America’s No. 1 Camo Patterns.  In addition, the two companies will join forces in exerting endless effort and resources to support the missions of the industry’s leading conservation organizations.

“Logan and I are thrilled to have a camo home with Mossy Oak,” said Ronnie Philips, co-owner and executive producer of Heartland Waterfowl. “It’s always been our vision to align with partners that focus on innovative quality with an emphasis on being strongly rooted to family and relationships. We’re genuinely proud to be partnered with Mossy Oak’s heritage and it’s humble obsession to waterfowl and the outdoors as a whole. The foundation of both brands makes this a natural fit. On behalf of our entire Heartland Waterfowl team, we are incredibly grateful for this opportunity.”

The award-winning, Heartland Waterfowl is a brand extension of one of the outdoor industry’s top leading TV and content producers, Heartland Bowhunter. Like Heartland Bowhunter, Heartland Waterfowl excels in showcasing a top-quality production with genuine story lines and a high standard for unique cinematography, making Heartland Waterfowl relatable to all waterfowl hunters in each flyaway. 

“We take great pride in partnering with the best producers in the industry,” said Ben Maki, Chief Marketing Officer of Mossy Oak. “The Heartland Waterfowl team has proven to produce some of the finest outdoor programming, and we are grateful for their partnership as they work with us to share the message of conservation and helping their and our supporters live their best lives outdoors.”

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