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What’s In Cuz’s Hunting Pack?

We caught up with Mossy Oak’s Cuz Strickland to see what he packs to go hunting and what he considers to be essential gear.

Cuz with buck

Cuz’s Hunting Checklist:

My hunting pack today is far different than a few years ago and much lighter. No camera gear like batteries and tree arms, so that’s a good thing. I do occasionally carry a camcorder if I’m taking someone, but when I’m just hunting, I have some gear that is always in my small backpack.

hunting backpack

I’m pretty much always bowhunting simply because I still love it, but that takes a few more items, especially in the Deep South. I’ll try and list them in order of importance. That order has changed with my age. 

I have several pockets or compartments. The main one and the largest has a safety harness, binoculars on a chest strap, knife, range finder, extra release aid, folding saw, good flashlight and headlamp, wind checker, a bow hanger, and 2 pull up ropes. 

I carry 2 ropes in case I need to tie a limb out of the way if hunting a new spot that hasn’t been trimmed already. 

One side pocket holds a Thermacell and refills. The other side pocket a bottle of water. 

Smaller pocket inside has face paint (still prefer that) 2 pairs of gloves, old school compass, and a snack. Not picky on that as long as it’s quiet and tasty. Lastly, bright eyes and toilet paper only for marking blood trail (hopefully), extra rubber tube for my peep sight (that’s very old school.)

backpack gear walmart

Full List:






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