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Two Bull Elk for Two New Friends at the Same Time


One time I had taken a big bull elk while hunting with my son, Ron, and a friend of mine named Tom Smith. Ron went back to camp to get my vehicle and some frame packs to use to carry the meat out. While he was at camp, he met two other guys who were camping nearby.  When Ron told them I had a big bull down, they immediately volunteered to come back with Ron with their frame packs and help us carry my elk out. After we returned to camp with my bull, I asked, “Would you like me to try and help y’all call in a bull?” They eagerly answered, “We sure would.” I said, “I'll take my video camera with me and shoot some videos, if you guys don’t mind.” They said, “Sure, that will be great.” 

So, we went out hunting together a couple of days later. I started calling, and I had a bull answer me. I called again, and a second bull answered me. I began aggressively cow calling, and the bulls started coming. One bull was coming from the left, and the other bull was coming from the right. I was sitting a little bit back and above one of the gentlemen. As the bull came in, I filmed him. When the bull was in bow range, the first hunter released an arrow. Once the bull took the arrow, he ran 5 yards and stopped dead still in front of the second hunter. I got it all on video. The second hunter was at full draw, but he didn’t release the arrow. I guess he saw that the first bull was hit pretty well. Finally, the bull started walking up the hill toward me and walked within 2 feet of me. He walked about 8 yards behind me, stood there for about 8 minutes, went about 50 yards and then fell over. 

In less than 5 minutes, the second bull came in to where we were. When the second hunter shot, I didn’t think the bull knew he’d been shot, because he walked about 200 yards before he finally fell over. So, I called in two bulls that were harvested in less than 5 minutes. Both those two hunters were really happy. Now I talk to them regularly. The first bull was a 6x6 and would have scored 290 on Boone and Crockett. The second bull was bigger and would’ve scored about 320. Since the truck was only about 1/2-mile away, we were able to get the first bull out whole on the back of an ATV. We quartered the other bull and packed him out on an ATV. The two bulls were taken at about 8:30 am, and the three of us and the two bulls were back in camp by about 1:30 pm. The amazing thing about this hunt was that I took the biggest bull I ever had taken in my life, just before I called in the two bulls for the two bowhunters. 

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