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Mark Hanson Tells about a Bull Elk for His Son Ron


Both of my sons, Ron and Paul, are members of the Mossy Oak Pro Staff. The first bull that a friend and I called up for Ron came in and hung-up about 100 yards from Ron. He bugled several times and finally walked off. Because I knew the area, I realized that on the other side of the hill where we had heard the bull there was an old clear cut. I told Ron to sneak over the edge of the hill and set-up by the side of the clear cut. My friend and I stayed on the side of the hill where we were - about 50-yards from the top of the hill. Once Ron was in position, we started calling like the bull that had left the area, and another bull began moving straight to Ron. Even though the bull was coming head-on, Ron decided he could make the shot with his bow and bag the bull. After Ron shot, he didn’t come back over the hill to tell us he had shot the bull. So, we just kept calling to keep the bull coming and/or to settle the bull down after the shot. 

Finally, we went to where Ron was and asked, “Did you get a shot?” Ron said, “Yes, I did, but it was a head-on shot, and I didn’t see the arrow sticking out of the bull after I shot.” Ron had aimed just above the breast bone, and he sent his shaft straight through the length of the elk’s body. So, we went and looked for a trail and found a really-good blood trail. As soon as we located the blood trail, we followed it, because there was a big storm moving into the area. The elk ran for about 250 yards before he went down. When we got to the bull, we saw he was a 6x6, and he scored about 310. When we found the bull, Ron was very excited. Normally, he wouldn’t have taken a head-on shot, but the bull was so close, he thought the bull might spook, and he might not get a shot, if he didn’t take that shot. Ron is a good archer, and he had confidence that he could make the shot and take the bull down quickly and efficiently. That bull turned out to be one of those great hunts that Ron and I will remember for many years. 

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