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The Future for Wallhanger TV's Chad and Dana Wall


Editor’s Note: Chad Wall and his wife Dana, who are the hosts of “Wallhanger TV” on the Pursuit Channel, live in Springfield, Louisiana, on an alligator farm. The webpage is and they're on Facebook.

After Dana Wall learned to shoot the bow and started hunting with Chad, she learned how to video. They became husband and wife TV hosts. Dana would film when Chad was hunting, and he would film when she was hunting. But 2013 has been somewhat different. 

Wall5_ll“We just had a baby girl, Cayden, in September,” Dana Wall explains. “Chad had gotten into filming bowhunts originally with a little home video camera, even before we started dating. He hunted and filmed big deer in the Midwest and traveled often. So, when he said, ‘Why don’t you film me on these hunts, and I’ll teach you to run the video camera,’ we started filming each other. We’re often gone for 1-1/2 or 2 months at a time, during deer season, before we return back home, plus, including turkey season, we’re probably hunting more that 100 days per year. Traveling with Chad, bowhunting, running the camera and seeing places I never will have seen is a lot of fun. We’re looking forward to taking our daughter with us on the road during hunting season to our first hunt in Kentucky. We can’t wait until she is walking, can pull a bow and can hunt with us. We are looking forward to taking her in the turkey woods with us this spring and letting her ride the tractor when we plant food plots.

“Chad and I really love the outdoor industry and we’re planning to be here for a long time. Once when Chad and I were out filming, Chad took the biggest buck he ever had taken with a bow that scored 157 and some change on the Pope & Young scale.  Not only did he take the deer with his bow, but I took the deer and the hunt with the video camera. I was just as excited and proud of the video that I shot, as of the whitetails I take. I think the only way you can know that feeling is when you are behind the camera and capture a hunt on video. Another aspect of that hunt that made it special was seeing how happy Chad was when he took this really-big whitetail, and being able to share the moment with him. The best buck I ever have taken I took with my bow in Kentucky – a huge 8-pointer that scored 160 on Boone & Crockett.

“If I could look into the future, I think Chad and I would like to own a farm in the Midwest, possibly with a small cabin, where we could deer hunt and turkey hunt. But that doesn’t mean we would leave Springfield, Louisiana. Chad and I would like to stay in the outdoor industry, in some way, as long as we can.”

Dana Wall’s Experience with Alligators

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