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Cyclops Flare in Shadow Grass Blades

Provided by: Brian Stephens | 


No matter if you are a deer hunter, duck hunter or turkey hunter you need to be able to slip into your hunting set up or location with minimal disturbance.  In order to do this you need to have a good flashlight to help you see where you are going so you do not get lost and minimize making noise.  Cyclops makes a line of flashlights that work really well for any outdoors person.

The Cyclops Flare in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades is a handheld light that combines the best of a traditional flashlight along with green LEDs.  There are a number of features that I really like about this handheld light.  

  1. I really like the size of this light and its grip.  It is not too big and has a comfortable feel so you can hold it for long periods of time.  
  2. For a light this size it has very good illumination/brightness.  
  3. I really like the “Always ON” lock switch that is a great feature when you have to keep the light on for longer periods of time.

Cyclops_llThe Cyclops Flare has 250 white Lumens with 3 white CREE-Hi Powered LEDs for long-range illumination.  It also has 45 Green LED Lumens giving you a ton of brightness for either color.  The light itself is very durable and weather resistant due to the O-Ring weather sealing around the entire light.  I got to see first hand its durability this season.  It occurred when I left the Cyclops Flare at the base of tree for over a week and half.  It got rained on, frozen, and heat from several hot days all within that period of time.  When I remembered where I left it and found it,  I was impressed it turned on immediately and worked like it did right out of the box.  

Cyclops Flare is powered by 6 AA batteries.  I like this feature especially when you are out at a location where you cannot recharge a battery.  I used this light on several trips to Arizona this season deer and bear hunting.  This light was so helpful because I could use the green light to slip in “stealth mode” and when we need a lot of light around the camp, it was able to do that as well.  

I was also able to use this Cyclops Flare this season after my 11-year-old son shot a doe and buck with a crossbow on an afternoon hunt.  It was pretty cool to see him track both of these deer with the light. 

No question there are a lot of quality lights on the market, but I have been very impressed with the quality, design, durability and overall price for the Cyclops Flare handheld light.  If you would like to learn more about these lights go to

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