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Manage Your Property and More with the OnX Hunt App



The OnX Hunt App includes all you need to manage your hunting property. Mark waypoints, entrances and exits, tree stand locations, food plots and more. You can customize your stands for what time of day you hunt and even make notes of how your hunt went in that stand. All your property details are shareable to your hunting buddies or hunt club partners. Without leaving home, you can plan your planting rates, determine the distance to certain areas of your property and even find new places to hunt. Take the app to your desktop for an even bigger view and more functionality. 

Sharing Markups



OnX makes it easy to share all custom waypoints and markups with friends in the app. These sharing features will keep you  hunting property better organized and easy to manage throughout the season.

Offline Maps



Perfect for saving map areas offline when cell service is unavailable. This feature allows you to navigate and still see all of your waypoints with no service. 

Entrance and Exit Strategies



The tracker shows your exact footsteps and distance from your entrance and exit points. You can share that with your hunting buddies so they can easily find your marked locations. 

Desktop Capabilities



Take the mobile app capabilities to your desktop for a bigger, better screen to mark and share locations on your property. 

Finding New Places to Hunt



The OnX app makes it easy to find new places to hunt. It's great for showing public lands and access points as well as private land owners in your state.

Using Topography to Locate Tree Stands



The topography map feature of the OnX Hunt app is great for understanding exactly how the land lays and gives a better understanding of where to place stands even before stepping foot on the property. 

Food Plot Planning App



OnX's area shape tool is useful for knowing the exact acreage of a food plot or area on your property. Plan your planting rates with ease and convenience. 

Download now from your app store and Hunt Smart. 

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