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Deer Hunting Strategies Using OnX Hunt

Powered by OnX Hunt 

OnX Hunt is a useful hunting tool for not only identifying public land spots, but also for strategic hunting, like identifying likely deer paths and bedding areas and where to place a tree stand.

The app allows you to focus on a bird’s eye view of the property, quickly assessing topographical features of the land that are useful to your hunting strategy.

For example, you can use the app to identify likely whitetail bedding areas - areas that you want to avoid when pursuing the deer - and feeding areas.

How to Identify Whitetail Bedding Areas



You can also use the app to identify the best places to put a tree stand. High traffic areas or areas with plenty of foliage are usually go-to’s for stand placement, but you’ve got to then consider best angles and points of entry and exit. 

Deer Stand Placement



For more information on how to use OnX Hunt for your hunting strategies, check out the GamePlan series on Mossy Oak GO.

Here’s a video of Mossy Oak’s Ben Maki finding a giant Oklahoma Whitetail using OnX Hunt.



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