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Savage Arms Selects Mossy Oak Camo for NEW Impulse Predator Rifle

Mossy Oak is proud to have its pattern, Elements Terra Gila, featured on the all-new Impulse Predator by Savage Arms. 

Savage Arms, maker of some of the most trusted hunting rifles in the United States, recently introduced the Impulse Predator rifle, available in four favorite calibers for the predator hunter, the .22-250, .243 Win, .308 Win, and the 6.5 Creedmoor.

Savage Arms Impulse Terra

The American-made Impulse Predator rifle features a unique straight-pull action that refines the conventional bolt’s basic function into one fast and intuitive movement that predator hunters need. The key to the Impulse Predator’s lightning-fast functionality is the new action built around the Hexlock, a robust lockup that allows for speed, reliability, accuracy, and safety.

The Impulse Predator delivers the speed that predator hunters desire. The smooth bolt throw allows the hunter to cycle rounds intuitively, without the need for the standard four changes-of-direction that is common with a conventional bolt’s path-of-travel; as most predator hunters know, every second counts when chasing down a fast-moving animal. The Impulse Predator reduces split times and allows the hunter to manipulate the bolt without losing their cheek weld. The bolt travels out and back and keeps the hunters’ eyes on the target, which is essential when making a successful follow-up shot when multiple predators respond to a call.

The Impulse Predator delivers speed. However, speed means nothing to a predator hunter if you can not hit what you aim for. “The Impulse Predator will redefine the way you think about straight-pull rifles,” said Al Kasper, President and C.E.O. of Savage Arms. “We’ve studied more than a century’s worth of straight-pull actions and kept running up against the same conundrum; straight-pull actions are fast, but they don’t inspire confidence. We have brought our tradition of accuracy into the mix to make the fastest, most accurate straight-pull rifle ever built,” says Kasper.

“Savage has been a tremendous partner of ours, and we’re excited to have our Elements Terra Gila pattern on the Impulse Predator rifle,” said Chris Paradise, Chief Sales Officer of Mossy Oak. “The amount of research and dedication they put into bringing this fast and accurate rifle to market certainly inspires confidence in making those shots on distant predators.”

Impulse Predator Features:

  • Mossy Oak Elements Terra Gila Camo AccuStock with AccuFit adjustable length-of-pull and comb height
  • Straight-Pull Rifle
  • User-adjustable AccuTrigger
  • Round knob bolt handle
  • 10-round A.I.C.S. Magazine with ambidextrous release
  • One-piece 20 M.O.A. rail machined into the receiver
  • MSRP $1377.00

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