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Mossy Oak C.L.P. Firearms Cleaning Supplies Now Available from Clenzoil Unlimited

Mossy Oak C.L.P.Mossy Oak and Clenzoil Unlimited have partnered to create a series of gun cleaning products, designed for maintain and preserving all types of firearms and shooting sports gear.  The Mossy Oak C.L.P. (Clean.Lubricate.Protect) collection is now available at

The Mossy Oak C.L.P. collection is a high-quality, one-step cleaner, lubricant, and rust preventative for all aspects of your firearms. It is useful in removing oils, dirt, copper, lead, and many other contaminants. The new Mossy Oak C.L.P. provides a thin, non-greasy coating that prevents rust and lubricates all moving parts of fine firearms and sporting equipment keeping them working and looking great year after year. It also nourishes, preserves, and protects wood and leather. Mossy Oak C.L.P. will not harm polymers or other synthetic surfaces commonly found on firearms. Yet it also works great for wood stocks and grips, as well as leather holsters, scabbards and slings. This product is not recommended for painted surfaces.

The Mossy Oak C.L.P. is a must-have for every hunter, shooter, collector or simply just a firearm owner to be able to preserve their most precious possessions.

Mossy Oak C.L.P is available in:

  • 8 oz. Bottle - $15.99
  • 2 oz. Pump Sprayer- $6.99
  • 1 oz. Needle Oiler- $5.99
  • Saturated Wipes- $14.99

"We are incredibly honored and excited to have been given the opportunity to manufacture the Mossy Oak C.L.P. product line," said Clenzoil President, Chris Hoffman. "The Mossy Oak brand is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable in the outdoors industry and continues to be associated with durable, high-quality products that are tried and true. Here at Clenzoil, we take a tremendous amount of pride in making sure that every product that is made in and shipped out of our facility is of the highest quality, and we're thrilled to roll out a product line that offers customers the best of both the Mossy Oak and Clenzoil brands."

For more information about Clenzoil Unlimited visit,

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