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Midland USA X-Talker Two-Way Radio Available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

Midland X-TalkerMidland USA is pleased to announce the X-Talker T295VP4 Two-Way Radio, offered in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country. The radios are immediately available.

Midland USA’s X-Talker T295VP4 Two-Way Radio is designed specifically to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. Carrying the X-Talker with you enables you to communicate on-the-go while scouting, hunting, or simply enjoying the outdoors. It’s made with attention to detail and created to be durable enough to withstand the abuse of the fields and woods. And when it comes to range, this is a powerful radio made with Xtreme Range capable of functioning out to a 40-mile radius.

Features include 22 channels, 121 privacy codes, 14 additional privacy code channels, and channel scanning capabilities. The X-Talker also keeps you in tune with the weather; the Weather Alert Radio with Weather Scan mode scans the 10 available weather band channels and connects with the strongest signal to alert you of potentially severe weather in your area. The radio’s display is backlit for greater visibility in dim lighting and has easy-to-use buttons. For longer use the X-Talker has high, medium, and low settings as well as a battery meter on the screen. Quiet is maintained in the woods thanks to Silent Operation. And to keep your hands free for the things that matter on a hunt, the radio offers eVox Hands-Free Operation.

Mossy Oak, the Official Camo of Conservation, introduced Break-Up Country in 2014. Since then, it has remained the no. 1 pattern of choice for deer hunters across North America for four consecutive years. This pattern offers incredible effectiveness for concealing hunters in all types of terrain where deer reside. In addition, Mossy Oak is extremely proud that Break-Up Country is the official camo of the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), which is a partnership that serves a critical role in preserving and defending the timeless tradition of deer hunting.

MSRP for a pair of Midland USA X-Talker T295VP4 Two-Way Radios is $99.99.

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