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Colosseum Outdoors Now Offering Mossy Oak-Branded Turkey Gear

Colosseum gun rest Bottomland

Colosseum Outdoors has partnered with Mossy Oak, the Official Camo of the National Wild Turkey Federation, to offer two turkey hunting essentials this spring.

The first product is The Gun Rest, offered in Mossy Oak Original Bottomland, the pattern that started it all for Mossy Oak in 1986. This innovative product snaps on hunters’ legs and serves as the perfect rest to cradle any shotgun.  The rest is a non-intrusive design that remains completely out of the hunter’s way until the wait begins for any stubborn gobbler to present a shot.  The Gun Rest creates a cushion between the gun and the knee cap, eliminating any discomfort from resting the gun directly on the knee.

“We are super excited to be launching our NEW Gun Rest,” said Sam Klement, head of product development for Colosseum Outdoors. “I have been using prototypes for years with great success. I like this product because it is truly a tool. I keep it secured on my hunting vest and after sitting down, I snap this to my leg, put my shotgun in the rest and I am always ready for a lonesome gobbler that may slip in unannounced.  The Gun Rest cuts down on the common occurrence of being handcuffed. It’s hard if not impossible to move a gun up & into shooting position on a cagey longbeard.”

The second offering is The Call Caddy. The Call Caddy is a very simple way to keep up to 10 of your favorite mouth calls close in a self-closing pouch affixed to a custom Mossy Oak lanyard. It helps to cut down on unnecessary movement when switching mouth calls. 

“The Call Caddy is the first thing I put around my neck prior to every hunt and hitting the woods. I like it because I can simply throw my CALL CADDY into the freezer after each hunt, which helps keep my calls fresh and ready to go for the next hunt,” said Klement. “You never really know what call will trip the proverbial trigger on a wary longbeard. I love having access to my mouth calls and being able to cut down on my hand movement during the hunt.”


The new Mossy Oak Gun Rest and Mossy Oak Call Caddy are available on the store and also if you would like to place these innovative products in your store or retailer near you please email    

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