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Best Way to Attract Deer for Trail Cameras


Baiting deer for good trail camera pictures is a good idea. There are a lot of good options for attracting deer. Regardless of what you decide to put out, location is key to successful deer baiting. 

When you put your bait out, it needs to be where the deer already want to be. Whether it be a trail to and from a food plot or a travel corridor from a food source to a bedding area, you want to use the deer bati to encourage teh deer to stop for a photo.

Chestnut Magic is a simple blend of ground and whole chestnuts and rice bran, and it works great near heavily browsed and traveled areas.

Regardless of what you use, and don’t be afraid to try new attractants, location is key for baiting deer. If there isn't a good tree for mounting your game camera, you may need to improvise when placing your game camera in a high-traffic area.

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