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Game Camera Mounting Tips


One thing that often gets overlooked when putting up trail cameras is the height. If the trail camera is mounted too low, it limits the field of view. And if you’re putting you trail camera in an area that could flood, you’re risking damage to the camera and your pictures.

Trail cameras should be mounted at least head high. With the trail camera higher up on the tree or post, you can angle it down and increase the field of view.

Most cameras shoot the best pictures, day or night, between 10 and 20 feet. If the camera is too close to the bait site or crossing, the flash can blow out the picture. If the camera is too far away, the flash won’t pick up the animal as well. 

Where you mount you trail camera is just as important as how you mount your trail camera. Trail camera placement is key to getting the best pictures of the deer on your land.

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