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5 Effective DIY Targets You Can Make for Shooting Practice

James Forrester |  

You can use just about anything including old appliances and toys for shooting practice. Targets that create plinking sounds when shot, explode or make gratifying effects no doubt increase the excitement.

shooting practice

PVC Target Stand

If you’re a good handyman, then you might want to consider cutting a few ABS pieces with a good table saw to make a PVC target stand for your shooting practices. It is sturdy and collapsible allowing you to take it anywhere and use it for a good number of times. 

A PVC stand uses cardboard which serves as the target. The good thing about this is that you can customize what to do with the vacant area. You can draw a circular target or tic tac toe board, or paste printable targets on the surface. This also makes it ideal for beginners who are learning to shoot.

Making a PVC stand is not too much work when you have PVCs that are readily cut.

  1. Using the elbows, connect 3 ABS pipes to form a structure that resembles a C shape. 
  2. Do this to another 3 pipes. 
  3. Connect the 2 ‘C’ structures together using the T connectors. Make sure the opening of the connectors are positioned upwards.
  4. Insert the wooden poles into the mouth of the connectors to complete the stand.
  5. Attach the cardboard along with your desired printable target or drawing. 

Tin Cans

tin can target

Don’t throw out after-party tin cans at home. Keep them and use them on your next shooting practice. Tin cans are an inexpensive way to enjoy the activity as they make good targets that alert you immediately when you hit or miss. Also, the sight of flying tin cans adds up to the thrill.

Using tin cans is an effective target for shooting because of its versatility. Place them one at a time to practice aim, or in a straight line to practice aim and speed. You can also form a pyramid or hang each to make a more challenging target for shooting practice.

Sawhorse and Metal Plate

This is another easy and long-lasting construction which you can bring for outdoor shooting. You can build your own sawhorse or just buy a good one for cheap. 

  1. Attach the carabiners to the steel plate.
  2. Tie a rope on each carabiner.
  3. Hang both sides of the steel plate in the middle section of the sawhorse using the ends of the rope.
  4. Make sure to secure the knots.
  5. Place the target 10 yards away before you start shooting


balloon targets

Balloons are also easy-to-make targets not to mention they are cheap. They are light and would go along with the direction of the wind - an unpredictable moving target indeed. You can also level up the challenge by drawing marks on the balloons. 

While balloons make great shooting targets if you want to practice precision, consider investing in a portable air pump to save you a lot of time in you want to use them for a long time.


One thing about fruits that sets them apart from other DIY targets is that they are highly reactive. Although tin cans fly up into the air and balloons pop in the blink of an eye, fruits when used as a target never fail to give a good show. Depending on the type of firearms used, they crack, burst, and explode in different ways.

You should clean up after every shooting practice especially with tin cans and balloons. With fruits, you do not need as much cleaning since they are biodegradable. 


You do not need to spend a lot of money on shooting targets. You can use some resources at home and some inexpensive construction supplies. These 5 effective DIY targets you can make for shooting practice are all fun and challenging, and portable as well.

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