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Gift Ideas for Hunting and Fishing Moms

The women in our lives deserve a whole lot of love and respect. Whether they hold down the fort back home or are right there next to you in the woods or on the lake, they'll love a gift that continues to connect them to the outdoor way of life.

From wildflowers and trees to field gear and clothes, here's a list of awesome gifts for women that love the outdoors.

Nativ Nurseries' Lanceleaf Coreopsis Wildflower Plug



Lanceleaf Coreopsis is an easy to grow native perennial with a strong reseeding habit that always provides a good showing of bright yellow blooms for the better portion of late spring and early summer. They usually average between 1-2 feet in height, and have bright green foliage that remains long after the blooms subside. Once ripened and dried, the flower heads provide hard seeds resembling ticks (hence the nickname tickseed) that provide food for all sorts of birds.

Nativ Nurseries Maximilian Sunflower Wildflower Seed Plugs

max sunflower


This is a fun one to grow, and such a beautiful plant with the contrast of the grey-green foliage and heavy flushes of showy yellow flowers that bloom summer into fall. All sorts of wildlife enjoy it as well. Maximillian can form large colonies (its definitely a spreader), but agriculture in the Great Plains has pushed this important species back into ditches and turnrows. You can help get more of it back by planting it in your own pastures, openings, and any sunny area you want to enhance with diversity.

Nativ Nurseries' Flatwoods Plum Tree

Flatwoods Plum


Flatwoods plum is a lesser known plum species with traits somewhat intermediate between American, Mexican, and Chickasaw plum – and it deserves much more recognition than it gets – both from a wildlife, pollinator, and aesthetics standpoint.  

The fruits more resemble American or Mexican plum in that they drop later in the summer (August-September), and don’t send up root suckers like Chickasaw plum. Some individual’s purple fruits will taste better than others, but (like Mexican and American) is more likely going to be used for jellies than fresh eating. Wildlife love them and it’s fantastic for attracting pollinators

DSG Nova Rain Jacket

rain jacket


DSG makes women's hunting clothes that actually fit right. Here they've got a new set of rain gear--a rain jacket and a rain pant. She can use it for casual use or for drizzly days hunting in the field or fishing on the pond! Like always, the DSG gear is quality stuff and made just for women.

DSG High Waisted Boat Shorts

dsg shorts


New DSG fishing shorts with high waisted fit! These are a perfect addition to the fisherwoman’s wardrobe. This short has UPF 50+ protection and moisture wicking, ideal for hot days in the sun! The pockets and key clip are great for holding tools and accessories.

DSG Charli Sun Shirt

sun shirt


Ultra-lightweight, long sleeve fishing shirt is made with a quick-dry, moisture wicking tech fabric and is constructed with mesh side panels for additional cooling. UPF 50+ protection and sleeves with thumbholes shield the wearer from harmful UV rays.

Mossy Oak Groove Life Stackable Rings



Get them a safe ring alternative that they'll actually want to wear. This stackable safe ring is trendy and perfect for an outdoorsy woman.

Gator Waders Camp Shoe



Light, comfortable and flexible - that’s what the new Gator Waders Camp Shoe collection is all about. Built on an ultralight outsole, combined with a breathable mesh, and elastic laces make these the most convenient and comfortable shoe in their footwear lineup. 

GelPro Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat



These mats have been life-changing for a number of women according to GelPro's reviews. The kitchen mats are made to ease back, feet, and leg pain for women cooking in the kitchen and standing for prolonged times. This would be a great cabin kitchen addition. Or you can put one in a tree stand where you might be standing up for a while, too.

Gobi Heated Hunting Hoodie

heated hoodie


If the woman in your life loves to hunt but hates to be cold, well here's a good solution. This heated jacket is a gift she'll be thrilled about. 

Mossy Oak Women's Puffer Jacket

women's puffer


The Mossy Oak Women’s Puffer Jacket is built to be lightweight with heavy duty warmth. This insulated jacket features water repellent outer fabric and warm, microfleece lined pockets. It’s engineered to be discreet—getting the job done without being too bulky or hindering movement.

Women's Sandbar Tank

tank top


The Mossy Oak Fishing Women's Sandbar Tank is built with a lightweight, 4-way stretch material powered by HydroplexTM cooling technology. This technology promotes hyper-evaporation through advanced moisture wicking to keep you comfortable, cool, and dry in warm conditions.

Mossy Oak Women's Cotton Mill Hoodie

camo hoodie


The Women's Mossy Oak Vintage Hoodie was designed with traditional sweatshirt material to create a true vintage style hooded sweatshirt! This unique hoodie is perfect for hunting or casual wear, and it will surely grab the attention of those around you. With an old school look and a dull finish, you will certainly fool the eyes of the wariest of game. 

Drake Women's Tech Pants



The Women's Tech Stretch Turkey Pant 2.0 is designed to be your favorite lightweight, abrasion resistant, moisture wicking 4-way stretch pant for spring turkey. Designed to be ultra-breathable and comfortable yet durable, keeping you focused on quietly slipping through the woods or remaining still and concealed for long waits as you call Ol’ Tom in.

L.L. Bean Women's Big Game Hunting Pack

hunting backpack


This is a women’s hunting pack designed by women for women – it's not simply a man's pack made smaller. It's thoughtfully designed to specifically fit a woman's body plus it's equipped with all the organizational features needed for serious hunters.

LaCrosse Women's Hunting Boot



Built from a proud tradition of innovation, the Alphaburly Pro is our premium hunting boot. Combining high quality, scent-free rubber with naturally insulating neoprene, the Alphaburly Pro fears nothing. Not the cold. Not the harsh terrain. Not the challenges of a grueling hunt. It features a thick cushioning EVA midsole for added comfort. An embossed liner for better air circulation. And an adjustable rear gusset for the perfect fit.

Echolon Exercise Bike

camo exercise bike


If she's been wanting a stationary exercise bike, here's one that'll make sense and fit into her outdoor lifestyle. This limited edition Mossy Oak bike is very cool!


For more hunting Mother's Day gift ideas, visit the Mossy Oak store gift list.

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