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Sitting Hawk Chair

Brian Stephens | Ultimate Bowhunting TV

sitting-hawk-1aAs a deer hunter you know that two of the things that can ruin your hunt are getting winded and getting seen due to movement in tree or on the ground.  If you turkey hunt, you know that your biggest challenge is keeping still and not being seen.  Let’s face it even if you hunt the wind, you can still have a busted hunt if you are not comfortable when hunting from the ground no matter if you are deer or turkey hunting.

I had opportunity to review a product called the Sitting Hawk Chair. This hunting chair is one of a kind in its versatility but most importantly in it’s comfort.  I have a hard enough time sitting still as it is and then you add in a bad back it becomes challenging to sit for long periods of time.  There have been many times I have had to cut my hunt short due to too much back pain or being too uncomfortable in the little fold up chairs I would use in a ground blind.  

The Sitting Hawk’s design is one that allows it to be used by itself on the ground in a variety of terrains, or in a ground blind.  Even if you want to set up or sit on an uneven surface you have the ability to sit level due to the telescoping legs.  All you need to do is remove pins and reinsert them in the aligned holes once you are set up like you want.  Additionally, the leg angle allows for minimum sinking in mud, gravel, and sand.  You can actually adjust the chair frame to allow for several Chairs to be lined up against the back of a ground blind side by side.  Again, great for filming, guiding, or hunting with a friend.  It has application for gun and bow hunters who want to shoot from a variety of positions (facing forward, facing to the left, facing to right or facing backwards in the seat).  All at the same time allowing you to be as comfortable as possible.  Because you will be more comfortable you will be able to sit longer.  Minimizing your need to have to move around or adjust to get comfortable.  Net Result is helping you be less likely to be seen and more likely to see more animals.

One of the things that I love to do is take my son hunting.  As you can imagine keeping him still is a challenge.  The little seats just are enough to allow him to sit for any length of time.  The Sitting Hawk is perfect for a young hunter to sit comfortably on the ground or in ground blind

Here are a number of hunting applications for the Sitting Hawk Chair:

  1. Gun hunting from the ground on the edge of field.  Use it with a shooting stick.
  2. Gun hunting facing with your chest against the back of the chair using the top of the chair as a gun rest.
  3. Building a home made ground blind out of brush and using the chair for you and another hunter or camera person
  4. Turkey hunting from the ground using either gun or bow
  5. Turkey hunting from ground blind with several other hunters or camera persons in the blind with you.
  6. Perfect for those all day hunts during the rut either in ground blind or from the ground.  If the wind changes you can easily pick up and move to the other side of the field to account for the wind.
  7. Dove hunting on edge of field 
  8. Predator hunting on edge of field or in open terrain where there is need to be as still as possible.

A few additional features of the Sitting Hawk are its ability to be packed in to your hunting location by itself or along with a ground blind.  It is lightweight and easily folds up and has backpack straps that allow it to be easily carried to your hunting spot.  The Sitting Hawk comes in Mossy Oak’s new Break-Up Pattern for ultimate concealment if you are using it as a stand-alone hunting chair on the ground.

A few other applications is this chair could be great for sitting on side of pond and fishing for hours or next to fire just chilling out with your hunting buddies.  I suggest you go check out the Sitting Hawk Chair, as you will not be disappointed in it’s comfort and versatility for both gun and bowhunters.  Go check out the Sitting Hawk Chair @

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