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Alps Outdoorz Turkey Chair

Provided by Brian Stephens | 


For those who love to turkey hunt, the disappointment of spring being gone is brutal. Though my mind is shifting to those fall mornings chasing whitetails, I still reflect on the many spring mornings spent listening for gobbles. This past spring, I had the opportunity to test and try new products while on many of these turkey hunts.  One of those products was the Alps Outdoorz Turkey Chair in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity.

I typically do not carry a chair in the woods with me unless I am hunting out of a blind because many chairs are too bulky and difficult to transport around the woods.  Additionally, I am always concerned a chair will stick out like a sore thumb if I am hunting from the ground next to tree or brush.  I was pleasantly surprised with the portability and functionality of the Alps Outdoorz Turkey Chair.

AlpsChair_llFirst of all, the Alps Outdoorz Turkey Chair is low to the ground, helping to keep you concealed and have a low profile.  The chair is also extremely comfortable.  I admit that with two herniated disks in my back it can be a challenge to stay motionless for any extended period of time.  This chair allows you to be relaxed and not feel the need to constantly move and shift to be comfortable, and excessive movement can kill a turkey hunt.

The Alps Outdoorz Turkey Chair is made from a powder coated steel frame that is very durable and supports all types of body sizes.  The chair comes in the Break-Up Infinity pattern that blends perfectly into your surroundings, keeping it and you concealed from those turkey’s laser sharp eyes.  I found the chair very easy to fold up and transport without a lot of hassle.  It has a really nice strap with a pad that can be adjusted to fit your body type.  

I used the Alps Outdoorz Turkey Chair a few times with my son who is just getting into turkey hunting with a crossbow.  The chair was very helpful because he could remain comfortable and not feel the need to move a lot.  Comfort was especially critical during those longer sits when waiting on birds to come in. I then easily threw the chair over my shoulder and went from one location to the next.  The chair folds flat, making it easy to pack or carry in the woods and minimizing the chances of getting snagged by branches or other brush.  

I can also see the Alps Outdoorz Turkey Chair being very effective for predator hunting and for deer hunting this upcoming fall.  The Alps Outdoorz Turkey Chair has a capacity of 300 lbs. and only weighs 6.5lbs.  On the front of the chair there are several pockets for a turkey call, predator call, or additional ammunition.  

To learn more about the Alps Outdoorz Turkey Chair  or any of their other products visit

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