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Redneck T-Post Gravity Feeder


Provided By: Brian Stephens, Co-Host of Ultimate Bowhunting TV

One of the challenges we have been facing in the Southeast is a tremendous amount of rain. Listen, rain is good but can be a challenge this time of year when you are scouting to see what deer you have. Putting some sort of supplement on the ground is quickly ruined due to the moisture. One of the things we have done in the past is use a gravity feeder. They work well but they are cumbersome to relocate and are somewhat limiting on where you can put them. Redneck blinds has totally solved this problem with the new T-Post Feeder.

The T-Post feeder is designed to be mounted to a standard T-Post or to a tree using a ratchet strap. It is so simple but so effective. When I first saw this feeder, I had so many applications in mind that would allow me to scout many different locations even if they were wet. The T-Post feeder is lightweight and easy to set up. It is a one-person only job. The concave back and grooves on the back of the T-Post feeder are made for ratchet straps to mount to a tree. I was able to set it up out of the box and put on the tree in a matter of minutes.

The T-Post Feeder is made from a tough, heavy-duty polyethylene with 80-pound corn capacity. The height to bottom of feeding tube is adjustable from 34” to 60” with a standard 7-foot T-Post. This gives you a lot of flexibility to adjust to your specific needs or application. The T-Post uses a V-Groove in the back designed to fit a T-Post perfectly. This will help prevent it from being pushed over or having movement when it is being used by game.

I love the fact that the T-Post Feeder can be used year round.  It is perfect for summer scouting to place in various locations next to a camera even in areas where it is wet. This helps to prevent wasted corn and wasted money. I also love the fact that you can add some protein or other supplement to your corn in the T-Post. In those states that allow for supplemental feeding during hunting season, you can use the T-Post Feeder in a variety of locations on your property. Due to the design, you can use other types of feed or supplement besides just corn.  

The T-Post feeder holds 80 lbs. of corn. While bigger feeders do hold more corn/protein, I still like the fact that I can have multiple locations pulling in deer to my cameras.  Keeping the corn or other supplement off the ground. I can quickly and easily relocate in a matter of minutes if needed versus having to breakdown a big feeder. You can purchase several of the T-Post feeders for the price of one large capacity gravity feeder.

The T-Post feeder is another very effective tool to help you be more prepared and more effective out in the field.  Go check out the T-Post feeder at

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