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Redneck Blinds – A Closer Look


Redneck Blinds Introduces The New Trophy Tower Crossover 5X5 Blind for the 2012 season.  These blinds have a number of quality features for gun hunters, and bowhunters.  The fact you can bowhunt out of many of the Redneck Blinds is unique to most of the blinds on the market.  Spook Spann of Spook Nation TV supports these blinds and killed a monster 193′ Buck last year in IOWA out of a Redneck Blind.  What is nice about these blinds is they provide a number of shooting windows, help to control your scent and have great versatility no matter if you are bowhunting, crossbow hunting or gun hunting.  There is plenty of room for you and another person.  Perfect for hunting with your son or daughter to help them stay out of the elements but still be able to safely and comfortably take a shoot due to the features of the Redneck Blind.

Lamar, MO - Redneck Blinds, the premium manufacturer of 100% fiberglass blinds, introduces The Trophy Tower Crossover Blind, a 5X5 blind that is designed to be suitable for gun, crossbow and even compound bow hunters, hence the name “Crossover.”

The Trophy Tower Crossover features 14 tall x 36 wide real tinted tempered automotive glass windows that not only maximize visibility, but also give the gun and crossbow hunter maximum room and maneuverability to get the perfect angle for any shot. The large window will accommodate the largest compound or recurve crossbows. The window is even large enough to accommodate compound bow shooting from limited ranges and angles. The windows feature the industries tightest design using deluxe automotive window gaskets to keep the blinds dry and bug free.

The blind features wraparound shelving on 3 sides and 4 upper corner shelves to store all the accessories a hunter will need. Carpeted lower walls and floor provide for maximum comfort and sound control.

The blind is perfect for one hunter, but also roomy enough to accommodate two hunters. All windows are tinted tempered automotive glass, which helps camouflage movement inside the blind.

Every Redneck Blind is made with 100% fiberglass to ensure a durable and sound tight product. The fiberglass-molded exterior is composed of a UV protected gel coat that won’t peel or fade making the blinds virtually maintenance free. The tempered automotive glass windows feature whisper quiet hinges giving the hunter the best advantage when taking that trophy shot. In addition these blinds offer a one-piece roof to ensure a weather tight finish, along with a high density, marine carpeted fiberglass floor that will not rot and prevents varmint damage.

The Trophy Tower Crossover 5X5 Specs:
• Exterior Size:60″ Wide X 60″ Deep X 82″ High
• Interior Size: 56″ Wide X 56″ Deep X 80″ High
• Side and Front Windows: 36″ X 14″
• Door Window: 18″ X 9.5″
• Weight: 275lbs

Deluxe Powder Coated Stand are available in 5ft, 10ft and 15ft heights. The stands are composed of heavy black powder coated 3/16″ formed steel for outstanding support. The porch allows easy access to the blind and assembly is a breeze with a one-size fastener to eliminate the need for extra tools. A sturdy 8ft Value stand option is also available.

About Redneck Blinds
Redneck Blinds are a division of Redneck Manufacturing LLC, the producers of the best fiberglass products on the market.

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