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The Hunt I'm Looking Forward to the Most in 2016


I'm going to Pakistan and going up the highway toward Islamabad. Next I’ll come off the highway and make a three day trek to the far mountains toward Afghanistan. I’ll be hunting an animal called the cashmere Markhor (a bovid mammal closely related to a wild goat). In the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece from Greek mythology, the goat he was after was a Markhor like the one I'm planning to hunt. Taking a Markhor has been a dream of mine for the last 25 years, ever since I first heard of that animal that lives in the Himalayan Mountains. So, I'm really excited that I'm finally going to have the opportunity to hunt this animal. 

JimShockey_day4This hunt will be a 100-percent all-in adventure hunt. In my book, hunters are explorers. They want to know what’s over the next ridge, what’s beyond the next valley, and what’s past the horizon. I've gone past a lot of horizons in my lifetime of hunting, and hunting this animal is like looking over a new ridge to find a new animal that I've only heard about. I like going into the unknown, and I like facing new challenges. This will be an all-new different type of hunting in a place that’s very different from any kind of hunting I've ever done. Just getting to the place to start hunting will be a challenge, and I'm sure getting back home will be a challenge too. I've got to face all these challenges knowing the first five rules of hunting - safety, safety, safety, safety and safety. When I put all the challenges of just getting to the place to hunt, climbing the mountains, finding the Markhor, hopefully harvesting a Markhor and then returning home again, this should be one of the most exciting hunts I’ll go on in 2016. 

I really like being challenged, I like facing difficult situations and testing myself against tough terrain and new places. On hunts like this, I compete against myself. I want to find out if I'm capable of making this kind of hunt physically, mentally and emotionally. Also, I want to see if I can be successful hunting an animal I've only heard of but never seen. 

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