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Primos Bombshell


Brian Stephens, Co-Host of Ultimate Bowhunting TV

The sounds of Spring Turkey Season are among us which include those early morning gobbles and yelps from birds coming off the roost. It does not matter if you have been chasing birds for 20 years or are just getting started; there is nothing that will get you more fired up than hearing the calls of turkeys in the woods.  

Bombshell_llAs turkey hunters, we have so many more options to produce turkey calls today than we did five years ago. I have been hunting since I was a little kid but did not get into turkey hunting until about 10 years ago.  One of the big reasons was because I was intimidated by turkey calls.  I did not think I could get good enough to make quality sounds to bring birds in. I did finally learn how to make calls on a variety of turkey calls but it was with lots of trial and error.  

The new Primos Bombshell may be one of the most effective and realistic all around turkey calls I have seen and used to date. What makes this call so effective is how easy it is to use and produce quality calls such as yelps, cuts and purrs all with one hand. The Primos Bombshell is the result of three years of prototyping, testing and tweaking, in order to bring Turkey Hunters the best sounding, most versatile, simple-to-use turkey call.  

The Bombshell is based off of a push rail that allows you to make a variety of sounds with one hand. Simply push the rail to automatically yelp, tap the rail to cut, and slowly press the rail to purr or whine. The fact that you can produce all of these sounds with one call and with only one hand helps minimize your movement.

As you can see from the picture, the Bombshell’s rail can be adjusted to tune the call for higher or raspier pitch. It can also be locked for quiet carry. In addition to all of this, the Bombshell is designed to be mounted to your shotgun so you can call with very little motion to bring that gobbler in close! The picture illustrates where you can attach the bombshell to your shotgun and use a string to produce these same sounds.

Bombshell2_llI recently filmed a hunt in Central Florida where we bowhunted Osceolas on a quest to get our turkey slam with a bow. I had to film myself on this particular hunt and used the Bombshell to help me get the job done. I had to bring this bird in while working a decoy and moving the camera. Because I could yelp, cut and make soft purrs all with one hand, I was able to bring this gobbler in for a 12-yard shot.

Finally, I love this call for my son. It is so simple and easy-to-use for anyone. The fact that he will be able to produce these sounds gives him confidence. He is not intimidated or frustrated because he can make realistic sounds to get birds to respond. I do believe that if I had the bombshell five years ago, I would have started turkey hunting sooner because it would have significantly helped my learning curve.

The Bombshell is a must-have in my opinion, even if you are an experienced caller.  It is the most versatile and simple call that is great for beginners, kids, experts, bowhunters and guns hunters to bring those long beards in.  Go to to learn more about the Bombshell and other turkey calls by Primos.

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