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Midland XTC Action Camera


Provided by: Brian Stephens |

The small action camera market has exploded over the past few years. If you’ve used an action camera you know how much fun it can be. No matter if you are a bowhunter, gun hunter, duck hunter or outdoor enthusiast; these cameras can capture your experiences in the outdoors. 

Three years ago there were only a handful of action cameras available to us that produced any type of quality footage. None of them perfect in their operations and ease of use. Midland has jumped into this market in a big way with their new XTC action camera in Mossy Oak.

One unique feature of the Midland camera is just how easy it is to use. You simply slide the switch forward or backward to turn on and off.  I recently used this camera on an Arizona mountain bear hunt. I used it to capture footage on ATVs going up the mountain, getting set up on each hunt and while we were quail hunting in the middle of the day. The footage is really good with this little camera. 

This action camera does not have some of the settings you will find on other action cameras such as time-lapse photos. Some people use these settings but I would say many do not. What I really liked is the ease of use with the Midland camera. Simply turn it on and turn it off.  I have used virtually every action camera on the market over the past few years filming for our show. The vast majority of the time I use the video setting. Many times I have accidentally turned on the other settings trying to get to the video setting and missed a shot. This can be very frustrating.  When I used the Midland XTC action camera it was really handy to be able to turn it on and start filming immediately and turn it off when done.

The Midland camera shoots in full 1080p, 720p or 480p resolutions, so the quality is awesome! The XTC shoots in the following frame rates giving you lots of looks to your footage such as: 1920 x 1080 High Definition @ 30 FPS,1280 x 720 High Definition @ 60 FPS, 848 x 480 Standard Definition @ 60 FPS. The 60 FPS is a nice feature for those shots you want to slow down for a slow motion look.

There are a variety of mounts that you can use with the Midland action camera such as a bow mount, tree mount, handlebar mount, visor mount and it has a submersible case. The submersible case can be used under water up to 100 feet.  We were recently in the Florida Keys spearfishing and bowfishing. The Midland action cam would have been a great addition to our filming, because it is so simple to use. Again, simply push slide switch forward to turn on and back to turn off.  This helps to ensure you do not miss that shot.  I will be using it on our next spearfishing trip.

A few other features of the Midland XTC action camera are that is uses an 1100mAh  rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It also uses up to 32GB micro SD card (not included) and has a camera view of 127 degrees with its wide-angle lens. There is also a battery life indicator and a low memory indicator. This is nice when you are out in the field, so you do not miss some really good footage because you are not sure of the amount of memory you have.

The lens on the Midland camera is a multi-coated tempered glass with a focus of 5 inches to infinity. Additionally, it has an aspect ratio of 16:9, ensuring you have a quality look on larger monitors. Finally, it’s formatted as MPEG-4 with compression of H:264 giving a really quality end product. 

If you are looking for a really easy and simple-to-use action camera that shoots high quality video then check out the Midland XTC action camera in Mossy Oak. Is has a variety of options for you to use for bowhunting, gun hunting or just being outside. Check it out at

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