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Koss Stereophones


Provided by Brian Stephens 

If you are like me and have a teenage daughter it seems they are constantly on some type of electronic device communicating with friends, playing games or doing some type of schoolwork.  My daughter spends a great deal of time on her iphone and computer doing school research, listening to music and watching videos. 

Many times it is late at night due to school and sports after school activities.  She uses the KOSS on-ear stereophones in Mossy Oak Break-Up PINK pattern because they are lightweight and have great sound.  The stereophones are great in how they fit her head and are not overly cumbersome.  The clarity of sound is really good.  These KOSS stereophones deliver a smooth bass and wide frequency response resulting in a high-quality sound.

KossRev_llMy daughter also likes the design of the stereophones because they are straight, single entry with a long 4-foot cord allowing her to multi-task if needed.  The KOSS stereophones also have an in-line volume control so she can control the amount of sound to her liking.  

The reality is there are so many applications with these KOSS Stereophones for anyone wanting a high-quality stereophone. If you like PINK (like my daughter does), then the KOSS Stereophones in Mossy Oak are a perfect combo for listening to music on your smart phone or watching movies on your computer without disturbing those around you.

KOSS makes a variety of head and stereophones for many different applications.  This company has been around pioneering the music industry since 1958.  They are known for their innovation and quality of products for over four decades.  Their customer service is outstanding.  If you would like to check out these KOSS Stereophones in Mossy Oak Break-Up Pink or any of the KOSS products go to

More Koss stereophone reviews are upcoming for the full size and earbuds.

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