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Koss KMO20g Full Size Infinity Headphones

Provided By: Brian Stephens, Co-Host of Ultimate Bowhunting TV


As a producer for a hunting show, I have to ensure that all of our hunts have really good footage. Good video footage of game and the hunt are essential to a making good show. Many times sound is often overlooked or taken for granted when it comes to video. I have unfortunately learned this lesson over the years by editing good video with less than desirable sound quality, resulting in decreased video production quality. This issue has been significantly reduced since we have been using Koss headphones. The KMO20g Full Size Headphones in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity have unreal quality!

In spite of our cameras having good shotgun mics or external mics, it is always smart to have the person running the camera listen to surroundings.  They can catch any issues that could minimize the quality of the footage. Also, when editing video, I want to listen with headphones to pick up little issues that may be in the sound. When we started using these new KMO20g Headphones we were blown away by the quality. The KMO20g has outstanding sound quality and they are extremely comfortable on your head.

Koss20g_llWe were recently in Missouri on an early season whitetail bowhunt. During one of the hunts, we had deer under our stand and in front of us eating beans and acorns. You could hear the deer walking in the leaves and chewing on acorns.  That is how much these headphones can pick up sound when you are filming.

Koss KMO20g noise-isolating, full-size headphones are equipped with dynamic elements to produce booming bass and an extended frequency response. Designed to endure a lot of use in the outdoors, the KMO20g has a tough exterior and a sturdy headband sling for maximum durability. Closed, soft noise isolating ear cushions surround the ear to deliver the rich Sound of Koss.

Available in Break-Up Infinity, the Koss KMO20g is great for outdoor use or for casual listening in the confines of your home. Another great use is when you are traveling on an airplane, you can tune out everything else with the Koss KMO20g noise-isolating, full-size headphones and the Sound of Koss.

Features and Specifications: 

  • Dynamic elements for extended frequency response and booming bass
  • Large, soft isolating ear cushions deliver maximum comfort and isolation
  • Tough exterior built for maximum durability
  • Available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity 
  • Covered under the Koss Stereophones Limited Lifetime Warranty

Koss makes a variety of head and stereophones for many different applications.  We have been extremely impressed with the KMO20g Headphones in every application in which we use them.  This company has been around pioneering the music industry since 1958.  They are known for their innovation and quality of products for over four decades.  Their customer service is outstanding.  If you would like to check out these Koss Stereophones in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity or any of the Koss products go to To buy online, CLICK HERE

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