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Double Gobble Turkey Call


Provided By: Brian Stephens, Co-Host of Ultimate Bowhunting TV

If you have spent any time in the woods chasing turkeys, you have quickly learned that they have a variety of personalities that can be different from one day to the next. One day they may respond to your “go to” mouth call but that next day you may get NO LOVE from that gobbler. So, you need to try another call, or several, to get a response.

Having a variety of calls in your vest is key, from mouth calls to friction calls to box calls or push-pull calls. One other call is a “gobble” call that is sometimes overlooked. A prevalent reason this call is overlooked is lacking confidence in producing a realistic sound of a gobbler. I myself have had some challenges making a good gobble over the years.  

Primos has helped fix this issue with the new “Double Gobble” turkey call. Primos has worked to produce a hand blown call that is easy to use. Realizing that some hunters would not master the hand blown call, they pushed on to make sure everyone would be able to use this call. Primos added the ability to attach a bellow tube to the mouthpiece, which makes producing a jake or mature gobbler sound effortless. 

The Double Gobble is perfect for challenging gobblers to come in or locating them. No matter how you use it, the Double Gobble produces a pretty darn good gobble. That response from your gobbler may be just enough for you to pin point where he is and go get him, or he will know where you are and come to you.

DoubleGobble_llTake time to practice with it before you go into the woods. If you are going to use the call with your mouth as a blow call, start with your hand holding between thumb and index finger. Blow medium to hard volume of air into the call while forming the sounds “ta, ta, ta, ta,” tapering off the volume of air and closing your hand. This sequence should last for about 2 seconds.

The two-handed pumping method is done by grabbing the call around the bell with one hand and holding the back cap with your finger. Point it away from your body so that the sound will travel into the woods. Loosely hold the small end of the bellows with your other hand.  With the hand that’s on the small end, pump the bellows in a rapid motion for about 2 seconds.

The one-handed jake method is operated by grabbing the call around the big end of the bellows. Shake the call from side to side, first loudly and aggressively, then tapper the volume. The sound should last for about 2 seconds.

Finally, the Double Gobble has a silencing cap on it so you can transport it or put it in your pack and it will not make any noise. Overall, this is a must-have call for your vest as it will help you in the situations where you need to locate a bird or want to let that big longbeard know you are in the area.  

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