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The Best Seven Braided Fishing Lines of 2021

You are only as good as your equipment and, when it comes to fishing, this means your reel, rod, lures and line. One of the benefits of a braided fishing line is it uses the strength of microfiber bound together and finished to make the line extra smooth and robust. 

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What Is Braided Fishing Line?

If you know how to tie a fishing knot, you should know something about the line you’re tying. There are a couple of types of lines, including monofilament, braid and fluorocarbon. 

Braided line is one of the more popular types due to the low abrasion rate and pound-for-pound strength. This fishing line consists of polyethylene microfibers bunched into bundles or strands and then twisted into a braid. 

You can get braided lines in four, six or eight bundles. The more bundles used, the more compact the line. Even though it seems counterintuitive, the line with a higher count is thinner, and the lower number of bundles means more abrasion-resistance. There are different methods to finish the line like thermal bonding, which increases the line’s strength and snap resistance. 

These tiny differences help you adapt your fishing technique to the situation. Here are seven of the best braided lines you can get when you head out with your rod and reel. 

1. PowerPro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line

Made in the U.S.A. from a trusted company, this line features Honeywell Spectra fibers for a solid and durable product. The high-tech fibers are made from polyethylene and are stronger than steel, with high UV resistance, making them ideal for high-load strain rate velocities. The braid is rounded and smoothed by Enhanced Body Technology, a process that also makes it super sensitive.

PowerPro Spectra Fiber offers weight capacities from 8 to 250 lbs. Anglers use it for everything from summer bass fishing to deep sea fishing because this braided line has such an extensive range. It also comes in moss green, yellow for high visibility and transparent for those gin-clear lakes.

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2. Sufix 832 Advanced Superline

This braid is one of the more expensive lines on the market, but it is exceptionally smooth with excellent castability. It is one of the strongest small-diameter lines available, and the 832 can help you cast farther with smoother acceleration, especially with chatter bait or swim jig setups.

The 832 refers to its eight interconnecting fibers with 32 weaves per inch. There are seven Dyneema strands for water repellency and durability, and the eighth is a GORE fiber, which builds a stronger defense against fraying. You can get 832 in ghost, low-visibility or neon green.

3. Spiderwire Stealth Braid

If you need a tough line that can help you reel in some deep water monsters, Spiderwire Stealth Braid may be an ideal choice for you. It has a super-smooth line that makes casting silent and stealthy and, more than that, many anglers swear Spiderwire Stealth will not break, no matter the conditions. 

This line is made from Dyneema PE microfiber, one of the most robust materials for line, and it flies through guides, maximizing your fishing capabilities. One of this line’s most substantial assets is it does not dig into reels the way some other braided lines do. 

4. Berkley Fireline Superline 

When you first take this line out of its box, you may notice Berkley Fireline feels differently from other braided lines. That’s because it is subjected to a thermal fusion process that makes it slightly sticky, not slick. 

Berkley Fireline makes a premier spinning reel and, over the years, many adjustments have been made to optimize it specifically for this kind of rig. This line has a bit of wiriness, so it doesn’t spring off the reel and tangle. There are two colors to Fireline Superline — smoke and crystal. 

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5. Seaguar Smackdown Braided Line

This company has consistently produced excellent fluorocarbon, and now they have branched out into braided lines. Seaguar Smackdown is made of eight strands and has a tiny diameter; a ten-lb. line is only 0.370mm wide, which is the width of a two-lb. monofilament.

A fluorocarbon leader would be best with this type of braided line when it’s used as a high-visibility mainline. Seaguar Smackdown braided line comes in two colors: stealth gray and flash green. The line itself has some wiriness to it, but it isn’t too waxy, and it has a polished smooth feel. 

6. Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi-Braid Superline

The main strength of this line is that it is almost invisible, so you can use the Invisi-Braid Superline in almost transparent waters where standard braided lines might cause your prey to shy away. The cold fusion finishing process gives the eight braided fibers additional strength. 

The invisi-braid line has an incredible strength-to-diameter ratio, and the line’s round shape sits on your reel and allows for smooth and easy casting. You can get the Invisi-braid in 125-, 250- or 300-yard lengths and a variety of pound tests. 

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7. Piscifun Onyx Braided Fishing Line 

For the most abrasion resistance and durability on the market, the Piscifun Onyx line is treated to a particular epoxy process to make it even stronger. As with the best line, Piscifun Onyx braided line runs through your guides like a hot knife through butter and is strong enough to fight ferocious sailfish.

Anglers who love to go after big beasts who swim deep love this small diameter but super-strong line, as it lets them cast farther in choppy off-shore waters. The long-lasting color won’t fade in saltwater and sun, and its strength isn’t compromised by the elements, either. 

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Wrapping Up
If you’re headed out on the water, you need a robust and durable line that is smooth for long-ranging casts and durable enough to withstand some sizable opposition by your prey. With the benefit of high-tech polyethylene microfibers and specific finishing processes like thermal treatments, epoxy or cold fusion, braided lines will never let you down with a snarl or a snap.

With one of these seven braided fishing lines in your fishing kit, you will have many successful and memorable fishing trips. Your clothing is just as important for a successful fishing trip as your rig, so visit Mossy Oak to explore our range of high-performance fishing apparel before your next big adventure. 

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