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Summer Bass Fishing Tips With Kevin VanDam

Kevin VanDam bass fishing tips

Best Summer Bass Lures

In the summer, the bass start moving deeper. But before you can fish them, you have to find them. Kevin VanDam looks for bait that is more efficient in those deeper depth zones. His favorite is a deep diving crankbait. Once you catch a few bass on a crankbait, you can always move to a slower bait. 



Summer Bass Fishing Patterns

Bass will go to where the best food source is at that time of the year. Bass will move with the bait fish, so know when those bait fish spawn and where they are. After the shad spawn, the bass will start to move deeper as the shad move deeper where cooler water is. The bass always relate to structure, which is a depth change or contour change. Look for that structural feature close to a food source when summer bass fishing.



How to Catch Bass in Hot Weather

First thing in the morning and late in the evening is prime feeding time for bass. As the water warms and the current moves more, the bass will move to those points where they can ambush bait fish. Early morning fishing is best in the shallows with a topwater or buzzbait. As the day warms up, go to deeper water for the fish oriented to the current on the main lake and fish them with a crankbait.



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