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Mossy Oak Fishing’s Jordan Lee: A Degree in Bass Fishing

Jordan Lee of Grant, Alabama, stunned the bass fishing world in 2017 by winning the Bassmaster Classic. In 2018, he made it back-to-back. In 2014, he won an entry in the Bassmaster Classic by coming through the ranks of collegiate tournament fishermen as an active member of the Auburn University Bass Fishing Club. Lee represents an up-and-coming breed of tournament bass fishing pros, who go to college and earn business, marketing or journalism degrees, and at the same time learn to become professional bass fishermen by fishing in the collegiate bass fishing tournaments. Today, Lee is one of the Mossy Oak Fishing Team members

Jordan Lee Mossy Oak Fishing

Mossy Oak is an iconic outdoor brand, and I’m excited to help bring the new Mossy Oak Elements Agua pattern into the fishing industry. Elements is different from anything we've seen in fishing patterns and clothing. Mossy Oak’s camouflage is a uniform for hunters, and I’m excited that the Brand that is synonymous with the outdoors lifestyle has designed a pattern for anglers. We “live our best life outdoors,” too.

Because I've fished against some of the best college bass anglers in the nation and have traveled all over the United States to compete on different types of water and in various climate conditions, I’ve built confidence and skills. With as much travel as we have to do fishing the Elite circuit on lakes and rivers across the nation, we have to be able to catch bass everywhere we go, in every region of the country. 

If I hadn’t been required to do that very same thing when I was fishing on Auburn’s collegiate bass fishing team, I don’t believe I could fish with as much confidence as I have right now. As Elite tournament bass fishermen, we have a heavy schedule. As a college athlete, I had to make sure that I passed my courses and be able to compete at a high level of bass fishing. College prepared me for getting a lot done in little time with very little sleep. I actually learned to study, travel and fish in high school. 

I knew if I could get through college and graduate, that degree would help me in the fishing industry. I learned how to handle myself as a business professional and what companies that sponsored me expected as far as marketing their products. My marketing degree helped to open the door to the fishing industry and was the perfect degree to have in conjunction with my college fishing team experiences. To be honest, the four years I was at Auburn I majored in fishing, but I also got a degree in marketing. I learned more about marketing and the role it would play in my fishing after I graduated from college. 

When you love bass fishing as much as I do, you don’t really care how far you have to travel, or how long the drive is to get back home, as long as you can compete and catch bass.

When you love bass fishing as much as I do, you do what you need to do just so you can compete and catch bass. 

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