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How to Stay Cool when the Fishing is Hot

Shane Smith

fishing gear Mossy Oak Wellness

When the mercury starts rising to the mid-90s and touching the 100s, it is easy to want to head to the pool or the beach instead of the lake to fish. However, bass are cold-blooded creatures and the warmer weather will make them feed more than when the water is cold in the winter.  

hot weather fishing Shane SmithBut, if you go out fishing unprepared to deal with Mother Nature, you are already destined to fail. I will go over a few tips to keep you cool and more comfortable on the water this summer to enjoy your time on the lake. 

HYDRATE - It sounds very simple, and we have heard it repeatedly. But, I have people that get in my boat in 100-degree weather with sugar-filled soft drinks rather than water or Mossy Oak Wellness. It is best to drink a little bit very often, rather than trying to shotgun a whole bottle of water at one time.  

COVER UP - You can see from the picture that I have on a neck buff, long-sleeve, moisture-wicking shirt, gloves and lightweight shorts. I apply sunblock to my lower legs about twice a day. I hate applying sunblock to my face and neck and love the fact I can pull down or remove my buff when need be. Don’t overlook fishing gloves. They not only keep the sun off your hands, but also provide a degree of protection against biting bugs and sharp fins. Another little tidbit is you can dip your buff in the water or pour some cool water on it from your ice chest.  This will help to further lower your body temperature. 

GO EARLY/GO LATE - If being in the summer sun isn’t for you, so be it. Get on the water 30 minutes before sunrise and stay until you are uncomfortable. If you would rather go when you get off work and try the evening bite, the same rule applies.  Fish until dark or afterwards to reap the benefits of low-light fishing. 

DRESS RIGHT - My oh my, how far we have come as far as our summer clothing is concerned. I love wearing microfiber, moisture-wicking and vented style shirts. Most companies offer these type of “cool gear” clothing now in all assortments of colors. These types of shirts wick sweat from your body and allow air to move through while protecting you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

Wear quality polarized glasses. The constant glare from the sun will take a toll on your eyes. A good quality pair of polarized glasses will ensure you aren’t exposing your eyes too much to harmful UV rays glaring at you all day.  

Blue Otter polarized sunglasses

Summer is here for the next 60 days or so. If you want to enjoy more time on the water, practice a few of these tips to stay cool while the fishing is hot. The fish aren’t going on summer vacation and still have to eat, so you might as well gear up and get after ‘em. 

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