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Fishing a Bass Jig

Tristen Turley

Tristen Turley bass fishing with a jig

A bass jig is one of the most versatile lures you can have in your arsenal. It can be fished all across the country, in any condition and produce bite after bite. Millions of dollars have been won in tournaments by flipping, pitching, and casting a jig. The craziest thing is this bait can be effective from the shallowest part of the lake to the deepest. However, there are a few key elements that can make a jig more effective.

I love to flip jigs into the thickest cover I can find. My go-to bass jig for flipping is the River 2 Sea Biffle Junkyard jig. This jig is amazing for flipping because of its weed guard and short shank wide gap hook. The most crucial part to being successful when pitching a jig is to have a weed guard that sits right on the hook, this keeps you from constantly getting hung up, and increases your hookup ratio. Always pay attention to the weed guard when buying a jig, if it’s not sitting right on the hook then it probably won’t do you any good.

Another key feature to a jig is pairing it with the right trailer. You should always try to match the color of your trailer to the color of the jig you’re throwing, and keep it simple. Some days fish want a trailer with a lot of action, while other days they will only eat one with little to no action.

Lastly, color selection and rod choice when fishing a jig is important. I like to keep it simple I throw either a green pumpkin when the water is somewhat clear, a brown when I’m trying to imitate crawfish, or black and blue when the water is stained. When you’re fishing a jig you need a stout rod that can handle violent hook-sets and pulling fish out of cover so I like to use a 7’4” Emperor heavy rod made by Favorite Rods. Finding the right rod is important in bass fishing success. 

Jigs are an excellent way to catch giant bass, and are used by just about every bass fisherman all across the country, so grab a jig and start flippin’.

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