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Nocturnal Scraper Takes Leaf River Camera

Wayne Mueller | December 07, 2009

2285-NovemberLREvery year I put up a couple of trail cameras around the end of August. Without a doubt, the best time of year for me is November, during the whitetail rut, when I get photos of big bucks making and checking scrapes like the great one posing here. The story on this buck is that I have photos of him on all parts of the farm… but all of the pictures that I have of him were taken at night. This makes me think that for the most part he’s a nocturnal buck and I might not get a chance to see him during the day. That’s probably how he got that big! It’s interesting that this is the first year I have any pictures of him at all; I have no historical data on him.

My sons and I do not bowhunt. We hunt the muzzleloader and the firearms seasons, the latter of which is in full swing now. As I write this our 2009 rifle season is in full swing! And even if we don’t get a crack at this nice buck he has already given me a great prize...a new Leaf River camera to take more pictures of more whitetails. Thanks Mossy Oak and Leaf River!

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Wayne Mueller for this recap…and the folks at Leaf River for making this such a successful sweepstakes. The deadline for submitting pictures for the last free camera of 2009 is December 31. Good luck and good hunting!

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