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(In)visible Finishes for Aaron’s 00 Camo Racer

Greg Tinsley |  September 10, 2009

2264-AaronsoneThe evolution of printing processes that allow manufacturers to decorate products with camouflage finishes certainly continues to create an interesting “ride” for all of us who appreciate the effective beauty of camouflage. Camo is now featured on just about everything. It has become so pervasive to our outdoors culture, to the way we live and recreate, that even the most camo crazy among us have grown quite accustom to seeing Mossy Oak patterns on all manner of products, from the newest Browning big-game hunting wear, to the latest Remington 870 duck gun, to the customized crash helmet of a world-class ski jumper. 

But our excitement is certainly ratcheted up a notch when camo adorns a 200-mile-per-hour sled that costs $250,000 to run for less than three hours, which very generally describes the modern Sprint Cup Series racecar. Just such a camo event occurred during the Pep Boys 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway this past Labor Day weekend 2009. Aaron’s Double-Ought “Buck” Dream Machine, driven by 39-year-old David Reutimann, featured a base-finish of Mossy Oak Treestand, the vision-to-reality of Aaron’s marketing team led by chief operating officer and outdoors hyper-enthusiast Robin Loudermilk. 

2264-AaronstwoApparently, the new color scheme was part of some very strong mojo for the Michael Waltrip Racing team in Atlanta…  Reutimann finished an unblemished fourth overall, his best showing since the Las Vegas race in March. Aaron’s will also feature a Mossy Oak camo finish in two Nationwide Series races this year.    

The racecar’s hood sported the logo for Aaron’s Outdoors, a hunting-based television series featured on the Pursuit Channel that’s hosted by Jarrod Brannen of Perry, Georgia. The outdoors exploits of Brannen and his four sons—including one young'un named Toxey in honor of Mossy Oak’s founder and chief executive officer—are the subjects of the show.

Aaron’s began humbly in 1955 with R. Charles Loudermilk renting chairs for 10-cents per day. He had 300 of them and almost 60 years later Aaron’s offers its customers access to high quality furniture, electronics, appliances and computers at guaranteed low prices. Customers have the option of buying their dream products for an attractive cash price or they may lease their merchandise without a credit check for even greater flexibility. With a lease option, customers make modest monthly payments and have the immediate use of the items they need. Plus Aaron’s takes care of delivery, set-up and repairs for the duration of a customer’s lease.  

2264-AaronsthreeMake no mistake, the Loudermilks and many of their company’s key executives love the outdoors. They’re customers do, too, according to Robin Loudermilk. The outdoors tie here is a natural one. Aaron’s is all about family… the same basic principle that anchors the best of the hunting, fishing and camping activities.

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 In the Photos: The Aaron's Dream Machine in Mossy Oak Treestand sulks on pit row just prior to the 2009 Pep Boys 500 Sprint Cup Series race last weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Robin Loudermilk immediately above holds a pair of shocks from a closet full of them inside Team Michael Waltrip's race coach. Right, the Jarrod Brannen family, hosts of Aaron's Outdoors on the Pursuit Channel, at the car moments before driver Dave Reutimann would begin taking it on a 500-mile circular journey towards the checkered flag.          

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