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Deer Hunter’s Checklist

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deer hunter's gear

What’s In Your Backpack?

alps outdoorz packEach year, deer hunters spend hundreds of dollars on products in hopes of making their hunt a memorable and hopefully successful experience. While on the hunt for these products, most hunters look for a few key things to make their time spent in the outdoors more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable. When it comes down to it, we know that it’s not possible to take along every new and improved product that is on the market. However, there are certain products that deer hunters should always carry in their bag to make it easier to sit for a long period of time.

When carrying a bag, I prefer using a backpack style such as Alpz Outdoorz Pursuit pack or the ScentLok Rogue 2285 bag. When packing a bag that will be with me while hunting, there are 3 categories that I consider, those being early season, pre rut/rut, and late season. These categories will help to determine what I will need to pack in order to make my hunt more successful. The items typically consist of products such as calls, scents and lures as well as items to help keep myself cool or warm, depending on the time of year. There are also items that will always be found in my bag, no matter the season. These items consist of things such as binoculars and a rangefinder. 

Early Season

  • Tick Spray
  • Code Blue D/Code Field Wipes (a great way to cool off while at the same time eliminate human scent)
  • Pruning Saw
  • Batteries/ memory cards for game camera

Pre Rut/Rut 

  • Grunt Call
  • Doe Bleat Call
  • Scent (doe in estrus, buck urine, natural doe urine)
  • Rattle Bag (not as good of a sound as actual antlers, but still gets it done with while taking up minimal space)scentlok ozone generator

Late Season

All Season

There is a bad feeling that every hunter has experienced at least once, that feeling usually occurs while in the middle of their hunt, the realization hits that they forgot to pack something. Having a pre-planned list before season is a great way to make sure that no matter the situation, one will be prepared and ready for the opportunity to harvest an animal when ready. I have always said that one of the biggest factors in keeping hunters from staying in a tree stand or blind for an extended period of time is not being comfortable or prepared. This could be due to many things such as hunger, thirst, being cold or not having the proper tool for the job. Study this list to get a basic idea of what could be needed while hunting and then tweak it or compile a list of your own, so that your next hunt doesn’t get cut short. Once you have packed for the hunt, you can relax in knowing that no matter what gets thrown your way, you will be okay because you are prepared.

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