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Learning To Be A Stupid Hunter

8-21 Stupid Hunter
Trail cameras are arguably the “coolest tool” to hit the hunting industry in the past 20 years. However, in a way they may be building a generation of dumb hunters. In a recent thread on a hunting forum, a young hunter had arrowed back to back trophy bucks. Others were asking him questions about how he got close and the signs he used to determine his ambush site and this young hunter didn’t know what a rub was, what a scrape was and didn’t have a clue about deer behavior. He set up his camera, got a picture, set up his treestand and bam! This shows how powerful and important a trail camera can be, but don’t let it be a “crutch” for not learning animal behavior, how to read sign and acquiring a little hunter’s savvy.

Now is the time of year to be glassing and doing perimeter walks. Every afternoon you can afford should be spent with binoculars in hand or a spotting scope on your window observing agricultural fields, food plots, meadows or other spots frequented by your herd. Nothing, even a trail camera, can teach you more than actually watching a targeted buck for a period of time. Learn how to read signs. Watch for big tracks heading into a food source. Backtrack them to find a buck’s bedding area. Once hard antler comes, watch for the first rubs to pop up and scrapes to appear. Use what you gather on your trail camera in conjunction with the sign you find to become the “alpha hunter” in your area.

If you want extra help finding the perfect spot get the SCOUTLOOK DEER LOG APP. This new App is available for iPhone and Android and gives you precise weather, wind direction, your scent cone, a log for collecting data and much more and can be used for multiple locations. You can view this before the hunt to find the perfect location that gives you the best advantage.

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