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Spray Rig Maintenance


The use of herbicide management for weeds in food plots is fast growing, as are the different types and sizes of spraying applicators. Try these tips to keep your spray rig in good working order.

Be sure to rinse out your tank in between uses, just a little herbicide leftover in the tank of the wrong chemical could harm your plots and corrode the pump. After rinsing out your tank, always pump clean water through your sprayer, including tips, nozzles, spray guns and wands. One of the most used herbicides, glyphosate (active ingredient in Round-Up) and all of the generics, can be pretty tough on equipment if not cleaned out. PTO pumps that are used on tractors can be taken off and left soaking in oil or diesel fuel when not in use, this will greatly extend the life of the pump. This will help eliminate the build-up of corrosion on o-rings, seals, and internal parts. The extra time it takes to clean up spray rigs after a day of spraying is well worth the time and money it will save you down the road in repairs.

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