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Mossy Oak’s Good Ole Boys Have Servant Spirits with Toxey Haas


Editor’s Note: Mossy Oak Camouflage was the brain child of Toxey Haas of West Point, Mississippi. To get an overview of what Mossy Oak is, what Mossy Oak is doing, and where Mossy Oak is going, we’ve interviewed Toxey.

Question: Toxey, most of the people who are in leadership positions in Mossy Oak today more or less grew up with you in this business. Why have you decided to promote from within?

ToxeyQA5_llHaas: We don’t always promote from within, but I think it’s great when it works out that way. I think of Lannie Wallace, who is pretty much in charge of all our conservation lands. He started out working in the box warehouse. Bobby Cole, the president of BioLogic, started at Mossy Oak wanting to be a cameraman working for Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland. Now he has moved up to one of the leadership positions in our company. 

I am more at peace today than I ever have been. I am more confident that moving into the future we have the people who have grown-up through Mossy Oak that love the brand and love the people we serve. These people have the talent, the education, the ability and most importantly the hearts and the servant spirits that we look for when we are considering people for leadership positions in Mossy Oak. I feel much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when she clicked her heels and said, “There is no place like home.” Dorothy realized that everything and everyone she needed was already all around her. I have enjoyed watching these people grow in our business, getting to know their families and watching them adopt the Mossy Oak philosophy and the servant spirit. I guess what I am most proud of is we are all hometown boys doing our thing and successfully telling the story about the good life in the outdoors. We want to explain to people that you can be yourself, be a part of the Mossy Oak family and live the good life of the outdoors.

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