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More Wildlife to Have and to Hold with Bobby Cole


One of the big advantages of having quality food plots is to have and to hold deer and turkeys on your property. As we’ve mentioned earlier, when you offer an abundance of high-quality food on your land, you can attract bucks from surrounding properties, especially at the end of deer season when many food sources no longer exist. To increase the number of bucks you have to harvest this fall, you not only need to attract more bucks, but you need to hold those bucks on your property until deer season starts next fall. Once you’ve increased the deer population on your property, providing sanctuary and an abundance of food for the deer and turkey helps to make sure that you're able to hold those bucks until the fall. Placing cameras over BioRocks and food plots is a tremendous asset to landowners and hunting clubs who are trying to attract and hold deer and turkeys through the spring and into the fall deer hunting season.  

Another aspect of Mossy Oak BioLogic is that we want the hunters and landowners who plant food plots to be able to harvest the deer that they raise on their food plots. Two factors contribute to hunter success that are often overlooked when we discuss managing deer, including preventing:

  • potential poachers from seeing the deer and turkeys you're raising; and 
  • the deer from seeing the hunter as he approaches the food plot. 

BobbyCole_day3In the past, about the only way to solve this problem was to plant trees and hope that they grew fast enough to make the food plots invisible, especially if they were planted near public roads, and/or build some type of brush screen, so the hunter could slip into his stand site without being seen. However, Mossy Oak BioLogic has helped develop a product called Blind Spot. You can plant Blind Spot in mid-summer, and it will often grow 8-10 feet tall before hunting season. If you have a green field near the highway, and you plant Blind Spot, it will grow tall enough to hide your green field from the highway. You can plant it around and on a trail to your tree stand or ground blind also to hide your movements as you go to your blind or tree stand. Some hunters who have large food plots plant Blind Spot out in their food plot to help funnel deer to one end of their food plots. The main reason we’ve created Blind Spot is to enable the hunters to go to and from their blinds without the deer seeing them and being spooked. 

At BioLogic, we’re not only coming up with seed blends that increase wildlife food for specific game animals, we’re looking at the entire hunting environment and wildlife environment to see how we can improve the land for the wildlife and for the hunter. 

To learn more about how to manage the wildlife on your property, go to our website at BioLogic also produces a quarterly magazine called “GameKeepers.” The articles in the magazine are all about how to make your property better for hunting and for wildlife, and your ponds better for fishing. The magazine is also distributed at Walmart and Tractor Supply, or you can go to to learn more about the GameKeepers magazine.

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