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Trent Cole of the Philadelphia Eagles Has a Passion for His Future in Football and the Outdoors

TrentCole5_llEditor’s Note: Trent Cole has been playing outside linebacker and defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles NFL football team for the past 9 years, after attending the University of Cincinnati. In 2014, Cole starts his tenth season with the Eagles. Cole also has a TV show called “Blitz TV.” When the defensive coach calls for a blitz, and the linebackers charge the offensive line of the opposing team, they have only one thought in their minds to, “Sack the quarterback.” When Cole is producing a show for “Blitz TV,” he’s on the same type of mission and has the same enthusiasm and determination as he has when he’s trying to blitz a quarterback. But instead of wearing his Philadelphia Eagles uniform on “Blitz TV,” he’s wearing his outdoor uniform – Mossy Oak camouflage.

On the first day of this interview, we talked about the Super Bowl, which is the biggest event in all of football. I hope playing in the Super Bowl is in my future. That’s what I practice for and what I dream about for my football – a chance to play in the Super Bowl.  

As far as “Blitz TV” is concerned, I want to stay in the outdoor industry for the rest of my life, because I love it. I love the hunting, the filming and being outdoors. I can’t see that I ever will get too old to have this TV show. I started filming hunts long before I ever had a TV show, because I liked every aspect of producing a TV show and/or video. I also really enjoy the other members of our video team, who have the same goals and objectives and like sharing the experience of hunting and videoing together. 

All the players on the Philadelphia Eagles football team love sharing the sport of football. We love going to work every day with each other. A team is a great thing to build – whether it’s a football team or a video team. We share a portion of our lives with each other, and we build memories together that we can share for the rest of our lives. I know that some day in the future I may have to give up football, because of the physical demands that are required to play at the highest level, but I really believe I have a long and exciting future in the outdoor business. Just as I have grown in football, I want to grow as a videographer, a hunter, a producer and a part of the outdoors. I have learned some great lessons throughout my football career and from my career as a professional hunter. I want to continue to learn and grow as a defensive back of the Philadelphia Eagles, and I want to continue to learn and grow in the outdoor industry. 

Standing where I am right now, I know I have a great future ahead of me. I believe while I am still playing that the Philadelphia Eagles will go to a Super Bowl, and I will go with them, or at least I hope I will. I believe that the biggest white-tailed deer and the biggest elk I ever have seen in my life are out there waiting on me to find them. I am very positive and excited about what is in front of me. I am more excited about what I’m going to do than what I have done in the past. For me, that excitement about the future in the two sports that I love is what passion means. Like Toxey Haas, the president of Mossy Oak, says, “Mossy Oak people are passionate about the outdoors.”  

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The Philadelphia Eagles’ Trent Cole Practices for That One Important Moment in Football or on a Hunting Trip

The Philadelphia Eagles’ Trent Cole Practices for That One Important Moment in Football or on a Hunting Trip
Another big advantage I have – and possibly the biggest advantage – is I love to play football, I love to hunt, and I love to produce great TV. When you’re doing the things you love, I have learned you don’t feel the same stress, and you don’t get nearly as tired, as when you’re doing things you don’t really like, or don’t have a passion for them. When you have a passion, you will

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