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5 Reasons to Sell Your Land with Mossy Oak Properties

The land ownership experience is one of America's greatest freedoms. At Mossy Oak Properties, we know the joy of land ownership firsthand, as we are a company built on a deep love for the land and the wildlife that call it home. However, sometimes things change that require someone to put their land on the market for sale. When that time does come, there are many reasons why landowners should contact their local Mossy Oak Properties land specialists first.  Here are five key reasons why Mossy Oak Properties is the first choice when selling rural land. 

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1. The Mossy Oak Brand is trusted in Rural America 

Because buying or selling rural land is an emotional experience, those involved want to enlist the help of trusted advisors in what is likely to be one of the biggest decisions in their lives. Since 1986, the Mossy Oak brand has been built around a value set that includes honor and integrity, and as such, our brand has instant credibility with consumers. As evidence of this, in a recent survey of leading outdoor brands, consumers overwhelmingly recognized and trusted the Mossy Oak brand more than any other brand. 

This brand strength trickles down to all the Mossy Oak family companies-including Mossy Oak Properties.  When you list your property with Mossy Oak Properties, your property-and the marketing push it receives-will have greater credibility in the eyes of the consumer due to our brand strength. 

2. Mossy Oak Properties land specialists live the outdoor lifestyle 

The Mossy Oak Properties network has been built by our strategic alignment with land brokers that understand the outdoor lifestyle and uphold the value set one would expect from the Mossy Oak brand.  The typical Mossy Oak Properties land specialist is someone that understands how much your land means to you, because they are most likely a landowner themselves.

Because selling rural land is a completely different ballgame from selling a residential property in a subdivision, it would be wise to list rural land with someone that not only understands land and all the intricacies that make it different from our real estate types, but appreciates the land and can sell it with the same vigor they would sell their own property. 

3. The Mossy Oak Properties network gets results 

The Mossy Oak Properties network is not simply compromised of folks that just like to wear the Mossy Oak logo on their shirt. It's a network of land specialists that gets the job done for their clients.

The results speak for themselves.  In 2019, the Mossy Oak Properties network closed in excess of 3500 transactions-that's a transaction every two hours and thirty minutes! The total sales volume sold in 2019 was over $750M, and Mossy Oak Properties currently has an inventory of listings exceeding $3.6 Billion in total.

Recently, 42 Mossy Oak Properties groups were named as "America's Best Brokerage" recipients by The Land Report for the 2019.  The 42 recipients were far and away the most by any national brokerage network. 

4. Mossy Oak Properties land specialists have access to the industries' strongest marketing platform 

When someone lists their land with a Mossy Oak Properties land specialist, they not only receive local and regional advertising from their agent, but also the national exposure provided all Mossy Oak Properties network members.

All Mossy Oak Properties land specialists place their listings on the state of the art, which received over 420 million hits for 2019, in addition to averaging nearly 9,000 daily user sessions.

Our database of listings are fed daily from our corporate website into a host of syndicate websites that including LandWatch, LandFlip, Lands Of America, and more.  Along with our corporate website, these partner websites give our listing base industry leading exposure. 

We implement strategic traditional, digital, and social media marketing initiatives to drive consumers to our website and our network of land specialists and their listings.  If there is a buyer for your property, our platform will give you the best shot at a successful transaction. 

5. Mossy Oak Properties land specialists are a part of the nations' largest network of rural land brokers 

The land market is become more globalized, and often times the buyer from your property won't be someone that is local. By listing with Mossy Oak Properties, your property then has an audience with a network of over 100 offices sprawling across 28 states-and 600+ land specialists. This is simply something a local independent broker cannot match.

When it is time to consider selling your rural property, give your local Mossy Oak Properties office a call.  You owe it to yourself, and your loved ones, to make sure you have a land specialist capable of getting your property sold for fair market value as quickly as possible, and do to so, only the best land specialists with the best marketing platform will do.  Mossy Oak Properties-we are America’s Land Specialist!
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