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Richie McKnight Hunts Suburban Geese

provided by John E. Phillips 

Richie McKnight, from Dawson Springs, Kentucky, is a travelling duck hunter and has been a Mossy Oak Pro since 2005. You can see his adventures on Traffic Hunters TV on YouTube and go to his Facebook page. “I got really interested in duck hunting when I was fairly young,” McKnight explains. “And, duck hunting just stuck with me like white on rice. I don’t think we killed any ducks when I was young, however, the experience of watching older hunters call and pull the ducks out of the sky totally fascinated me. So, I’ve been duck hunting ever since.”

flying geese

As I’ve mentioned earlier, we usually take a limit of Canada geese every day we hunt in Canada. But we also take Canada geese in Tennessee but not in Arkansas. I know many hunters hunt specklebelly geese (white-fronted geese) and snow geese. But I’m strictly a Canada goose hunter. My favorite Canada goose to hunt is the big giant Canada goose. However, most of the places where we hunt, we get the smaller Canada geese. The best place for the giant Canadas is northern Illinois. 

A large migration of geese holds in northern Illinois throughout the season, and most of these geese are suburban geese. One of my favorite places to hunt geese is the northwestern suburb area of Chicago. You may be hunting in a field next to a large subdivision or close to a major interstate with traffic running up and down the road. Each of these subdevelopment areas has water retention lakes and golf-course lakes. You may see thousands of geese off the 7th green. And, early in the morning, those geese will leave those subdivisions and golf courses and fly into nearby fields to feed. That’s some of the best goose hunting you can enjoy. Because they are the giant Canada geese, I really enjoy hunting them. 

If we get the right conditions with a good cold front moving in while in Illinois, we usually can limit out every day. My friends and I typically take 10 to 15 geese. We only can take two per day per hunter, but it sure is fun getting those two.

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